Did You Know…

Albert Belle led the major leagues with the most RBI during the decade of the 1990s.  His tally?  1,099!!

3 responses to “Did You Know…

  1. He only played 10 years right? And in all 10 he was productive. Great stats. Too bad he couldnt control his temper, anger and attitude.
    He was hot headed but man o man could he swing a bat!
    I still remember poor Fernando Vina. He thought a trian hit him!

  2. Ron Churchwell

    and was the biggest jerk to ever put on a uniform too 😦 I speak from first hand experience numerous times.

  3. May 11, 1991 – When a heckler taunts recovering alcoholic Albert Belle during Cleveland’s 2-1 loss to California‚ the Indians’ OF hits the fan in the chest with a baseball. Many in the crowd applaud Belle‚ who is suspended for one week by AL president Dr. Bobby Brown and ordered to contribute a week’s salary to a charity of his choice.(baseballlibrary.com)

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