How Am I Going To Get Mike Stanton & Logan Morrison Into My Fantasy Lineups??

How Am I Going To Get Mike Stanton & Logan Morrison Into My Fantasy Lineups??

Well fantasy fans, I have quite the conundrum on my hands here…

My team is firmly set in first place in our league as you can see below.

So, as I sit with a nicely sized margin between myself and the team that I have in second place, my outfield is very, very packed.  In fact, it is so packed with talent that I have had to sit Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison, two of my favorite Marlins. 

Prior to this weekend, that was not a problem as Stanton was in a major slump and LoMO was on the disabled list.  But after a 3-game stint in Washington to play the Nationals both guys appear to be back – and now I am a bit lost as to how I should proceed.

Over the last three games Stanton has launched two home runs, scored three times, and driven in three runs.  During the same stretch, Morrison has collected 4 hits, including a home run.   And NONE of these stats have helped my squad.

Here is my outfield as it stands today:

And here are my utility players:

What am I going to do?  I feel the need to get these guys into my lineup on a regular basis, but I cannot see a reason to bench any of my regulars…

Come on fantasy geeks ( Yes, I am one too).  Help a brother out!!!


2 responses to “How Am I Going To Get Mike Stanton & Logan Morrison Into My Fantasy Lineups??

  1. I would just sit Coghlan and insert one of them into the lineup. Coghlan’s strengths as a leadoff hitter are runs and average (when he’s not slumping). His SB skills are marginal at best, though he’ll probably have 20+ SB by the end of the year.

    You already have Coghlan’s strengths covered in the other outfield slots, so inserting Stanton or Morrison for power and run production would give your team better balance.

    Sanchez has been awesome lately so you can’t sit him yet and Teixeira is still a high level contributor. You may want to consider trading one of your three first baseman.

    Just my two cents.

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