New Page On ’30-YOC’ – “Required Reading”

New Page On ’30-YOC’ – “Required Reading”

I like to read.  Almost as much as I enjoy writing.  And it seems like I am not alone.

I have had several conversations via email with readers of this blog that also share in my passion for reading.  And our topic of choice, baseball or course!!!

So, I created a new page on the top of my blog that will be called ‘Required Reading’.  In it, I will feature the books that I have read over the last few years about our favorite sport, and I welcome any and all feedback.

And if you happen to have a suggestion for me to read give me your advice and I’ll throw that book into my ‘on-deck circle’.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

10 responses to “New Page On ’30-YOC’ – “Required Reading”

  1. “Beyond Belief” Josh Hamilton
    “Free Byrd” Paul Byrd
    “The Game From Where I Stand” Doug Glanville

    The last two were good, but Hamilton’s is a must-read for anybody!

  2. I recommend – “Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards became an American Obsession” by Dave Jamieson. I wrote a review on my blog about it if that helps. Don’t know if that’s your type of book being about cards and not players but definitely a great read.

  3. Wrigleyworld by Kevin Kudak, interesting read on what it is like to live in Wrigleyville and attend games.

    Splinters by Rex Hudler, the thing that I like about this book is that it is from a stand point of someone who was just good enough to be in the big leagues for a long period of time and realized that, never a star, but he understood his role and made the most of it.

  4. Just finished “Roger Maris: Reluctant Hero” – great story of what might have been baseball’s most humble and misinterpreted hero. It’s a bit sluggish in the beginning with the history of the Maris (or – Maras) family……but these stories set the tone for answering the question of where Roger was FROM and maybe why he was the way he was.

    The book also does a great job of covering some of the Yankees’ finest seasons (’59-’64) along with continuing into Maris’ great finishing seasons with the World Series contending Cardinals (definitely stoked my interest in the Cards as a baseball history fanatic).

    Perhaps most intriguing to me was the book’s examination of the media and press’s evolution during Roger’s historic quest. The examples that are given make it easy to see where the fairy tale romance between professional athletes (in this case, baseball players) and the reporters who followed them ended.

    Good read!

  5. “The Game From Where I Stand”, by Doug Glanville is an excellent read. It’s great insight about a day/year in the life of a Major Leaguer. I got my book signed by him, via mail after reading it.
    “A False Spring”, by Pat Jordan is a very fun read also! It is like the book equivalent of the movie “Sugar”, about a minor leaguer who does not pan out. I got this book signed after reading it also.

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