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Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

4th Saturday of the month means one thing, and one thing only to this collector – BASEBALL CARD SHOWWWW!!!!  YES!!!!

I am ready for this one, that’s for sure.  2 of the dealers that I visit on a regular basis both promised to bring some of their ‘older’ Dawson stuff for me to check out.  And while I know that the odds of them having anything that will add another missing card to my Dawson collection is rather slim, I am still very excited at the prospects…

I am also on the prowl for a few more things, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Stay tuned on Monday as I will unveil each and every purchase I make for you and your viewing pleasures.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Tony Gwynn 1985 Topps

Tony Gwynn 1985 Topps

Look at ‘Cool-Ass’ Tony Gwynn with his flip-up shades!!  LOL

Man, I remember those flip-up sunglasses very well.  During high school, I worked at the local sporting goods store and those things sold like crazy.  Barely able to keep them in stock, flip-up shades were all the rage in the mid 1990’s.

They worked for Gwynn too – he batted .317 with 197 hits!

1993 Headline: Dale Murphy Retires!!

1993 Headline: Dale Murphy Retires!!

On this day in 1993, 2-time MVP Dale Murphy retired from the sport of professional baseball.

One of my favorite players as a kid, Murphy’s retirement in 1993 was the start of seeing some of my idols leave the sport of baseball.

My memories of watching Dale Murphy play are endless.  Being a fan of the sport, and having no ‘home’ team to cheer for in Florida during my childhood, I drifted to the teams I was able to watch on television.  WTBS, WGN, and WOR game me my baseball fix.  And of the guys that I drifted towards – Murphy was prominent.

His skills as a player were endless.  Whether it was delivering home runs or making incredible plays in the outfield, Dale Murphy was one of the best players in the game for more than a decade – and I enjoyed watching all of it!!

Thanks for the memories ‘Murph’!!!

Happy Birthday Frank Thomas!!!

Happy Birthday Frank Thomas!!!

‘The Big Hurt’ turns 43 years old today.

I have to say that of all of the players in the 40-ish age group that are no longer active, I think that Frank Thomas still could be a great contributor in the majors today.  Thomas was a rare player and his offensive abilities were limitless.  Had it not been for injuries that effected his daily performance and eventually prematurely ended his career, Thomas would certainly have gone down as one of the greatest ‘Big Men’ in the sport.

His resume is impressive – a 2-time MVP, 521 home runs, .301 lifetime batting average, 1,704 RBI, 2,468 career hits.

Next up for ‘The Big Hurt’?  Cooperstown!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Thomas!!

Happy Birthday Jeff Bagwell!!!

Happy Birthday Jeff Bagwell!!!

Jeff Bagwell turns 43 years old today.

The heart and soul of the Houston Astros franchise for 15 seasons, Jeff Bagwell was beloved by the very faithful Astros’ fans.

Bagwell would probably be labeled as a slugger, but truth be told, he was a fantastic hitter as well.  With a lifetime batting average of .297, Bagwell reached .300 or better in six of his 15 seasons.  And in those 15 years, he collected 2,314 hits that included 488 doubles, 1,517 runs scored, and 1,529 runs scored too.  Mixed into all of those hits, Bagwell connected for 449 home runs.  Partly due to his physique and partly due to his seven seasons of hitting at least 34 round-trippers, Bagwell was considered an offensive threat regardless of whether the team needed a single or a three-run homer to win the game.

Bagwell’s resume includes winning the Rookie Of The Year and Most Valuable Player awards.  He was a 4-time All-Star and also won 2 Silver Slugger awards and a Gold Glove.

Thank you for all of the entertainment that you provided.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bagwell!!!

Logan Morrison Is Streaking!!!!

Logan Morrison Is Streaking!!!!

When he connected for a double in the Marlins’ win over the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday afternoon, Logan Morrison extended his streak of reaching base safely in consecutive games to 27.

The streak dates back to the last game of the 2010 season, and he has reached base safely in every game he has played so far this season. 

Not too shabby for the 23-year old!!

On the year, Morrison is hitting .313, collecting 31 hits in 99 at-bats.  Displaying both control and power at the plate, ‘LoMo’ has drawn 16 walks in 26 games while having 15 of his 31 hits go for extra bases!

Keep it up Logan, we’re going to need it!!!


Sweeping The San Francisco Giants Feels Oh, So Good!!!

Sweeping The San Francisco Giants Feels Oh, So Good!!!

After an amazing outing by Anibal Sanchez that completes a sweep of the defending World Series champions, the Florida Marlins’ confidence has to be at a season high.

And we still don’t have a healthy Hanley Ramirez or Josh Johnson…