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Wow, here we are almost half-way through the year.  I wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with a quick update on my Andre Dawson collection of baseball cards.

Before I give you the ‘stats’, I have to say that if it wasn’t for the high number of cards issued of Andre between 2010 and 2011, my totals would not have climbed as quickly as they have.  I know that there are still a few more releases coming in 2011 that feature ‘The Hawk’; hopefully 2012 follows suit.

And now the moments, you all have been waiting for….

852 Unique Baseball Cards

Consisting of:
485 cards issued during Andre’s playing days
195 post-career cards of ‘The Hawk’
63 in-person or TTM autographed cards
84 cards featuring game-used memorabilia of Andre’s
25 certified autographs

WHEW!!!!  It’s onward and upward from here – 900 is right around the corner; who knows maybe I can hit that mark by the end of 2011.  I know that I will certainly make my best effort!!!  Stay tuned to find out…

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As we enter the sixth month of 2011, I thought it would be fun to provide a quick status update of my progress with my collection that honors the career of my favorite pitcher of all-time, Hall of Famer, Fergie Jenkins.

One of my many collecting goals of 2011 was to go after Fergie’s cards with reckless abandon.  With so many more cards out there to tackle, I think that I have done fairly well so far.

As it stands today, here is a recap of my Fergie Jenkins baseball card collection in its entirety:

158 Unique cards

55 cards from his playing days
60 cards from his post-major league career
21 game-used relic cards
5 in-person/TTM autographed cards
8 certified autograph cards

Not too shabby, huh?  Let’s see what I can do with the second half of 2011.  I’d love to get up to 200 cards!!!   Only time will tell…

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Andre Dawson 1982 Fleer – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

Andre Dawson 1982 Fleer – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

Another fantastically signed baseball card for my Andre Dawson collection! 

This one, from the 1982 Fleer baseball card set, was an Ebay pick-up that I could not refuse?  Why couldn’t I refuse it, you ask?  Well, it is certainly not for the great, appealing design used by Fleer with their 1982 set.  So, it must be because it features one of the best looking autographs in the sport!!!

See for yourself.

Great signature?  Yes, indeed!!

Dennis Eckersley 1985 Topps

Dennis Eckersley 1985 Topps

Man, you can really see all of the power that ‘Eck’ put into his pitching with the photo from his 1985 Topps baseball card.

His arm looks like rubber as he appears to be going from the furthest part back of his wind-up and prepared to fire forward.

Great work by the photographer on this one – Great Angle!!!

Wade Boggs 1990 Score Superstars

Wade Boggs 1990 Score Superstars

Now that is a swing!!!  It’s just unfortunate that we’re left guessing if he connected or not.

But since, it is Wade Boggs, I would have to guess that there is a 33-35% chance that he did!!

Great action photo!!!

Gauging Interest On A Gregg Zaun Private Signing…

Gauging Interest On A Gregg Zaun Private Signing…

Alright guys, here we go again…  30-Year Old Cardboard is happy to present another unique opportunity for you and your collection.

I am partnering up with the same friend that was able to offer you the Pat Tabler signing back in May.  He is now working on Gregg Zaun and wanted me to see if any of the ’30-YOC’ audience wanted to get involved.

Dates and prices have yet to be set, we are just trying to get a sense of the interest level at this point.

Here is a quick recap of Zaun’s 15-year big league career:

1995-96: Baltimore Orioles
1996-98: Florida Marlins
1999: Texas Rangers
2000-01: Kansas City Royals
2002-03: Houston Astros
2003: Colorado Rockies
2004-08: Toronto Blue Jays
2009: Baltimore Orioles
2009: Tampa Bay Rays
2010: Milwaukee Brewers

Member of the 1997 Florida Marlins World Series Championship Team

If you’re interested or want to be updated about the date and pricing of the signing, please leave a comment and I will get back to you with the info once it is available.