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Frank Robinson 2002 Topps ‘Super Teams 70s’

Frank Robinson 2002 Topps ‘Super Teams 70s’

When I think of the best teams of the 1970’s, I think Reds and Dodgers and A’s and Yankees and Orioles.

So, it is very nice to that Topps agrees with my thoughts on the matter as they included Frank Robinson, of the Baltiomore Orioles, in this very well thought out seubset of cards.

Serial numbered as 649/1970, it’s numbered to the year that the Orioles won the World Series, which is a very cool element of the card.

As for the shinyness, it’s just a bit too shiny for this collector.  But it is Frank Robinson, so I will let it slide…

Dwight Gooden 1990 Fleer

Dwight Gooden 1990 Fleer

Just another example of when baseball card designers spend a few extra minutes to ensure that colors work well together.

This one gets an A+ 

Great job Fleer!!!

Happy Anniversary Ken Griffey Jr.!!!

Happy Anniversary Ken Griffey Jr.!!!

On this day back in 1987, Ken Griffey Jr. was selected as the 1st pick in baseball’s professional draft.  At just 17 years of age, the sky was the limit for ‘The Kid’ that was born to play professional baseball.

Having grown up around big league players and ball parks during his entire youth, Griffey had the rare advantage of knowing what the daily life of a big leaguer was about well before he suited up for one.  And even with all eyes on him, Griffey excelled and certainly lived up to the hype of being the first pick in the draft as well as the son of one of the game’s former stars.

Has Griffey accomplished everything that was expected of him?  Probably not.  But I don’t think anyone can live up to some of the tags thrown at him from such a young age.  Still, Griffey Jr. has had a brilliant career and should be named amongst the sport’s greatest players of all-time, and certainly of his generation. 

 Happy Anniversary Ken.  Please stay around as long as you’d like!!!!

New Jackie Robinson Movie Being Planned

New Jackie Robinson Movie Being Planned

By Spencer Fordin / MLB.com 

Jackie Robinson, one of baseball’s most beloved figures, will soon have a motion picture dedicated to his legacy. Robinson, the sporting and social icon who broke baseball’s long-standing color barrier in 1947, will be the subject of a film by the company that brought “The Dark Knight” and “The Hangover” to the silver screen.

Robinson famously played himself in “The Jackie Robinson Story” in 1950, and the Legendary Pictures imprint will be written and directed by Brian Helgeland, the auteur behind “L.A. Confidential” and “Mystic River.” Thomas Tull, the chairman and chief executive officer of Legendary Pictures, said that Robinson’s story bears all the marks of great cinema.

“It really is difficult for me to convey how excited we are and how excited I am about bringing this to the screen,” said Tull. “I had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel Robinson, and both she and her late husband are folks I hold in the highest regard. Rachel Robinson is one of the classiest, most graceful human beings I’ve ever met. We’re unbelievably grateful.”

Robinson, who passed away in 1972 and was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal, was a four-sport star at UCLA and a member of the armed forces during World War II. After his service had concluded, he played baseball in the Negro Leagues before signing with the Dodgers. 

Famed executive Branch Rickey — played by Minor Watson in the 1950 film — convinced Robinson to sign on with the Dodgers, and the rest was sporting and civil rights history. Robinson played for a year with Brooklyn affiliate Montreal in the International League, and then he endured slights most men could hardly imagine when playing for the Dodgers in ’47.

Robinson won the National League Rookie of the Year Award that season, but his true achievement was in leveling the playing field so people of all races could play. Major League Baseball later christened April 15 — the date of his debut — as Jackie Robinson Day, and his No. 42 was retired league-wide. On Jackie Robinson Day, players can choose to wear it in his honor.

“The stakes were absolutely unbelievable,” said Tull. “It’s hard for us to imagine what Jackie Robinson went through and what his family went through and the sacrifice he made in a really deliberate way. This year, I had the privilege of being at Yankee Stadium on Jackie Robinson Day. Rachel Robinson was there, and watching every player on the field wear 42 was really special. It’s hard to overstate the impact Jackie Robinson made on American culture and on the game.”

Robinson, the NL MVP Award winner in 1949 and a World Series champion in ’55, was elected to the Hall of Fame in ’62.

Rachel Robinson furthered her husband’s legacy by creating the Jackie Robinson Foundation, which is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for minorities with demonstrated financial needs. Robinson issued a statement on Wednesday as part of the Legendary Pictures press release announcing the start of the project.

“My family and I are thrilled to have this important film on Jack produced by Legendary Pictures,” she said. “We are proud of his lasting impact on our society, and we know that the legacy he left is inspiring and worth preserving.”

The 65th anniversary of Robinson’s debut will occur in 2012, and the Foundation is working on opening a museum in Lower Manhattan dedicated to his legacy some time in the next couple years. Tull said it’s too early to tell when the motion picture will be ready, but he also said there’s an entire team dedicated to making it as good as it can be.

“Right now we’re working through the process and making sure we have a screen play,” said Tull of the film’s potential release date. “It’s definitely a movie on the fast track, as long as we can make sure it’s as special as we plan it to be. We will not rush it. It’s one of those things where we have a sense of urgency, but that’s balanced by making sure it’s a fantastic movie. We’re in production meetings and script meetings, and the second we know what that date is, we’d be happy to share it.”

Has Gary Carter Ever Made You Smile? Well, Now You Can Return The Favor!!!

Has Gary Carter Ever Made You Smile?  Well, Now You Can Return The Favor!!!

I like Gary Carter; I always have.  And since I am a writer that loves to write about the players that I cheered for as a kid, I write often about Mr. Carter.

Last week it was announced that Carter is suffering from inoperable brain tumors.  I cannot imagine how he and his family took the news, but their spirits remained high when discussing the issue with the media.

This news hit me like a ton of bricks – it hurt.

I have a lot of memories of watching Gary Carter play baseball; first with the Expos and then with the Mets.  Hell, I put together a collection of all of his baseball cards from those two teams as a way to pay homage to his amazing and lengthy career.

Gary Carter provided a lot of smiles for me during my youth, and even into adulthood.  Now it is time to pay him back.

Here is what I am proposing.  Let’s collect as many ‘Get Well Soon’ cards as we can for Mr. Carter and send them to him all at one time.  I’m sure he gets cards from loyal fans all of the time – celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or other events.

But now, more than ever, Gary needs to know and feel that he is as supported as ever by his fans!!!

I would be happy to take the lead on this and have all cards sent to me.  I will accumulate them for a specific time period, lets say 30 days, and then send them all in 1 big (hopefully) bunch to Carter’s Foundation in West Palm Beach.

Here is what I am thinking – we need to set up a code to put on the outside of each envelope for this cause.  How about ‘GC8‘.  Addressing the envelope to me will get the cards to me and then using the code of ‘GC8‘ on the outside of the envelope will ensure that I don’t open your cards but that I will set them aside with the others to send ‘in bulk’ to Gary in July.

Sound good?  I hope so.

Also, if you’re a blogger, please spread the word.

If you are on Twitter, please ‘tweet’ about this.

If you’re on Facebook, please help me promote this.

If you’re a baseball fan, please tell your friends and family about this.

We can all skip buying a pack of cards or a soda or a coffee for one day to grab a card and make someone smile that has made us smile over and over again for several years.

I don’t want to publish my mailing address on the site, but you can email me and I will be happy to offer it up to you.  Email me at bapple2286@hotmail.com

This is our chance to bring a smile to Gary Carter’s face.  To confirm to him that his fans are thinking of him and praying for him.  Please help!

Thank you.  God Bless You.

Gary Carter and me - Summer, 2010