Has Gary Carter Ever Made You Smile? Well, Now You Can Return The Favor!!!

Has Gary Carter Ever Made You Smile?  Well, Now You Can Return The Favor!!!

I like Gary Carter; I always have.  And since I am a writer that loves to write about the players that I cheered for as a kid, I write often about Mr. Carter.

Last week it was announced that Carter is suffering from inoperable brain tumors.  I cannot imagine how he and his family took the news, but their spirits remained high when discussing the issue with the media.

This news hit me like a ton of bricks – it hurt.

I have a lot of memories of watching Gary Carter play baseball; first with the Expos and then with the Mets.  Hell, I put together a collection of all of his baseball cards from those two teams as a way to pay homage to his amazing and lengthy career.

Gary Carter provided a lot of smiles for me during my youth, and even into adulthood.  Now it is time to pay him back.

Here is what I am proposing.  Let’s collect as many ‘Get Well Soon’ cards as we can for Mr. Carter and send them to him all at one time.  I’m sure he gets cards from loyal fans all of the time – celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or other events.

But now, more than ever, Gary needs to know and feel that he is as supported as ever by his fans!!!

I would be happy to take the lead on this and have all cards sent to me.  I will accumulate them for a specific time period, lets say 30 days, and then send them all in 1 big (hopefully) bunch to Carter’s Foundation in West Palm Beach.

Here is what I am thinking – we need to set up a code to put on the outside of each envelope for this cause.  How about ‘GC8‘.  Addressing the envelope to me will get the cards to me and then using the code of ‘GC8‘ on the outside of the envelope will ensure that I don’t open your cards but that I will set them aside with the others to send ‘in bulk’ to Gary in July.

Sound good?  I hope so.

Also, if you’re a blogger, please spread the word.

If you are on Twitter, please ‘tweet’ about this.

If you’re on Facebook, please help me promote this.

If you’re a baseball fan, please tell your friends and family about this.

We can all skip buying a pack of cards or a soda or a coffee for one day to grab a card and make someone smile that has made us smile over and over again for several years.

I don’t want to publish my mailing address on the site, but you can email me and I will be happy to offer it up to you.  Email me at bapple2286@hotmail.com

This is our chance to bring a smile to Gary Carter’s face.  To confirm to him that his fans are thinking of him and praying for him.  Please help!

Thank you.  God Bless You.

Gary Carter and me - Summer, 2010


14 responses to “Has Gary Carter Ever Made You Smile? Well, Now You Can Return The Favor!!!

  1. Was never a huge fan of Carter, but this is a great idea! Count me in!

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  4. joe barbarisi

    stay strong Gary

  5. We’ve already got about 10-11 people showing interest. Keep it up!! THANKS!!!

  6. Im so sending a card to you so it can get Gary Carter. He too is my favorite player of all time. And still is to this day. Im hoping you can help spread my two Facebook pages I set aside for Gary Carter. They are to help to get the Mets to retire #8 for Gary Carter.
    that one was a group page
    That one is a fan page.
    The more people we can get for this the better.

  7. Sent you an email for the address and I’ve got my card ready to go. This is a great idea. I’m too young to remember seeing Gary play as I was 5 when he retired but I heard my dad say his name a few times. Hopefully we can get a lot of people on board.

  8. I posted a summary and link back to this on my blog today. If you send me your address, I have a card for Gary, too.

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