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Andre Dawson 2002 Topps Tribute – RED #/96

Andre Dawson 2002 Topps Tribute – RED  #/96

This is a fantastic variation to the 2

002 Topps Tribute base card of Andre Dawson.

Known as the ‘Red’ version, the Red lettering and small details in the frame of the card really add a nice element to the card that features my favorite baseball player.

And the fact that the card is numbered as 18/96 make it all the better!!!


Frank Viola 1983 Fleer – This One Is For The Ladies!!!

Frank Viola 1983 Fleer – This One Is For The Ladies!!!

So, let me set the scene for you.

It’s Saturday night, the room is dark.  It’s closing in on 2AM and the whole place smells of beer, popcorn, and Brut.  You’re by yourself trying to wind down after a very long and stress-filled week.

And as you take your last sip from your glass of wine and gather yourself as you prepare to head for the door, you rotate yourself to the left to get off of your bar stool and you see this:

“Hi There!!!!”

Enjoy Girls!!!  🙂

Kirby Puckett’s 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Card And The Tattoo That Started A Trend…

Kirby Puckett’s 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Card And The Tattoo That Started A Trend…

Forget the player.  Forget the nice design.  Forget the stats.

This one is all about tattoos!!

I don’t recall ever seeing a tattoo being shown on a baseball card prior to this one.  And while somewhat harmless, Kirby’s ink on his left arm may be responsible for a trend that appears to have no end.

Hell, surf through a stack of baseball, basketball, or football cards issued in the last five years and I would bet that more players have tattoos than not.  I’d bet the number is actually closer to 70%.

That Kirby.   He’s a trend-setter!!!

Signing Results: Former All-Star and 1992 World Series Champion, Pat Tabler

Signing Results:  Former All-Star and 1992 World Series Champion, Pat Tabler

I offered up this signing as a buddy of mine is friends with Pat Tabler and he was conducting a signing with the former MLB All-star.

And, of course, I had to get in on the action as well.

Here is the card that I got signed:

Pretty nice, huh?  I agree.  Tabler has a solid signature, and it looks fantastic against the background of the 1988 Fleer design too!!

Thank you Pat.  And, Thank You Craig!!!

Tony Gwynn 1992 Score – Dream Team

Tony Gwynn 1992 Score – Dream Team

A very cool card here – this issue was part of a subset that Score tabbed as ‘Dream Team’.  And while some of the player selections may have been a little questionable, the love of the cards is not!!

Take a look:

Very cool, huh? 

Yeah, Score did a great job in giving us some personality and life with this subset.  So different from what we were used to as it relates to photos used for baseball cards, Score did a 180-degree turn and it worked in their favour – perfectly, I may add!

A fantastic addition to my Tony Gwynn collection!!

My First Time – Roy Halladay – September 20, 1998

My First Time – Roy Halladay – September 20, 1998

The Setting – Tropicana Field.  Tampa, Florida.

From Halladay – “My folks flew in from Denver to see it.  Five innings, three runs.  I left with the lead so I guess that’s ok.  All the guys on the team made me feel real welcome that whole week before I got in.”

The Boxscore – Blue Jays 7, Rays 5.  Halladay gets a no-decision going 5 innings allowing 8 hits and 3 runs while striking out 5.