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Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Redemption Card, REDEEMED!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Redemption Card, REDEEMED!!!

The title of this post says it all…

Back in March I bought this on Ebay:

Promising a spot in line for the Andre Dawson relic card from the 2011 set, I was given an ETA of late May for my Dawson card to be sent to me.

And almost exactly as promised, this card arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Redemption has been redeemed.  And this collector is very, very happy!!!


UGGHHHH – The Florida Marlins Have Lost 7 Straight Games, By A Combined 11 Runs….

UGGHHHH – The Florida Marlins Have Lost 7 Straight Games, By A Combined 11 Runs….

It has not been easy being a Florida Marlins fan over the last week.  The week has been chock full of losses and I’m watching several of the guys that were hitting and throwing well enter dangerous territory.

When I say dangerous territory, I specifically mean that you can see the team is lacking confidence – and it is coming from both the hitters and pitchers.

For the pitchera: Josh Johnson is in the DL.  Javier Vasquez cannot get past the 6th inning.  Chris Volstad allows base runners in virtually every inning.  And the once solid bullpen is not getting the critical outs that they had been recording earlier in the year – From Dunn to Sanches to Mujica to Webb to Choate, they’re all in a funk.

For the hitters:  Hanley is out.  Coghlan is in a rough spot.  Stanton looks absolutely uncomfortable at the plate.  LoMo is slumping badly.  And while Infante, Buck, and Dobbs are performing at their usual level, that doesn’t work when the team’s run-producers are not producing.

If it wasn’t for Gaby Sanchez, Anibal Sanchez, Leo Nunez, and Ricky Nolasco, who knows what this team would be going through…

Here is a breakdown of the last week:
6/01, lost 6-5
6/03, lost 6-5
6/04, lost 3-2
6/05, lost 6-5
6/06, lost 7-2
6/07, lost 1-0
6/08, lost 3-2

Please, please, please turn it around tonight – it is getting very hard to watch!!!


1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #104 – Team Card w/Sparky Anderson

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #104 – Team Card w/Sparky Anderson

Man, I just love these old team cards from the 70s – they make me smile.

And while it is kind of hard to make out some of the players due to the size of them in the card’s photo, there is no mistaking my favorite baseball manager in the lower-right corner.

Hi Sparky.  Rest in peace, my friend!!

Tony Gwynn 1990 Upper Deck

Tony Gwynn 1990 Upper Deck

Not too many baseball cards featuring Tony Gwynn show him on the base paths.

Known for his incredible skills at the plate, card companies took advantage of that, as most of his cards show him doing what he does best – HIT!!!

But, in actuality, Tony Gwynn was a solid base runner too.  And while he would never lead the league in stolen bases, he did swipe 319 bags during his 20-season career.  Gwynn stole 20 or more bases during five different seasons, with his career high coming in 1987 with 56!!

Go Get ‘Em Tony!!!

Happy Birthday Dave Parker!!

Happy Birthday Dave Parker!!

Dave Parker turns 60 years old today.

Dave Parker’s career defines the word ‘steady’.  While Parker had some monstrous seasons during his 19-year career as a professional baseball player, it is amazing at how well he played each and every year.  With a career batting average of .290, Parker eclipsed the .300+ mark 6 times.  As consistently good as anyone in the game, Parker finished in the Top 16 for the MVP award 8 times, while capturing the title in 1978.  His numbers in ’78 were pretty awesome – .334/30/117.  His approach garnered 7 All-star appearances and 3 Gold Glove awards.  ‘Big Dave’ competed in 3 World Series match-ups, and won 2 titles – 1 in 1979 with the Pirates, and 1 ten years later in 1989 with the Oakland A’s. 

Happy Birthday wishes for ‘The Cobra’!!!

Did You See What Joe Girardi Said To AJ Burnett???

Did You See What Joe Girardi Said To AJ Burnett???