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Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits

Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the Yankees’ captain, Derek Jeter is closing in on one of baseball’s greatest offensive achievements – 3,000 hits.

My favorite ‘baseball club’, ‘Club 3,000’ is the easiest way to separate the greatest hitters that the game has ever witnessed from the rest of the players.

I love ‘Club 3,000′ and I think that Derek Jeter’s eventual entry into the club is a worthy one.

So, since we will not have another player entering the club for at least another season or two, I wanted to do something special for Jeter….

I will provide a summary of each and every game Jeter plays in between now and when he hits #3,000.  Since he is just ten hits away from that mark, I am expecting that this mini-series will only last 10-12 days.  But who knows, Jeter can rack up a few multi-hit games and be there by the end of the week or he can go on a terrible slide and not reach 3,000 for another month.

Either way – ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ will be there.

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading!!

Rickey Henderson 1990 Bowman Baseball

Rickey Henderson 1990 Bowman Baseball

Rickey was a pitcher’s nightmare.

The games he would play, not just with the pitcher, but the catcher and the manager of the opposing team made him a must-watch player, regardless of where he was on the field.

Just look at this photo from his 1990 Bowman baseball card:

Torturing the pitcher while he does his thing at third base, Rickey was so fun to watch.

And judging by the big grin on his face, I have to guess that he got into the pitcher’s head yet again!

I wish they made more players like Rickey!!!

Bo Jackson 1989 BOwman

Bo Jackson 1989 BOwman

Jeez.  It was so nice for a card company to name their brand after Bo Jackson. 

Thank you ‘BOman’!!!!

Pedro Martinez 1991 Classic Best

Pedro Martinez 1991 Classic Best

I couldn’t resist showing this one off…

Here we have a young Pedro Martinez with the future at his feet.

Just 19 years of age, who would have thought that this 5 foot 11 inch, 160 pound right-hander would go on to be one the most decorated pitchers of the decade.

In the 1990’s, Pedro would go on to win three Cy Young Awards while also finishing in second place once as well.  He would be a 5-time All-Star, and would compile a record of 125-56.

Again I ask, who would have thought…

Pedro probably did!!!

My First Time – Keith Hernandez – August 30, 1974

My First Time – Keith Hernandez – August 30, 1974

The Setting – Candlestick Park.  San Francisco, CA.

From Hernandez – ‘Of all of the places for the Cardinals to be playing, they were in San Francisco – my home town.  My family sat right behind home plate, near our dugout.  I was 20 on a team of nothing but veterans, but the guys were nice enough to make me feel part of what they were doing.’

The Boxscore – Giants 8, Cardinals 2.  Hernandez goes 1-for-2 with an RBI and two walks.