Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits

Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the Yankees’ captain, Derek Jeter is closing in on one of baseball’s greatest offensive achievements – 3,000 hits.

My favorite ‘baseball club’, ‘Club 3,000’ is the easiest way to separate the greatest hitters that the game has ever witnessed from the rest of the players.

I love ‘Club 3,000′ and I think that Derek Jeter’s eventual entry into the club is a worthy one.

So, since we will not have another player entering the club for at least another season or two, I wanted to do something special for Jeter….

I will provide a summary of each and every game Jeter plays in between now and when he hits #3,000.  Since he is just ten hits away from that mark, I am expecting that this mini-series will only last 10-12 days.  But who knows, Jeter can rack up a few multi-hit games and be there by the end of the week or he can go on a terrible slide and not reach 3,000 for another month.

Either way – ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ will be there.

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading!!

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