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Fergie Jenkins 1975 Topps ‘mini’

Fergie Jenkins 1975 Topps ‘mini’

As fun as ut has been to scoop up a big helping of modern Fergie Jenkins baseball cards, my biggest thrill has been to find ‘oddball’ issues from his playing days.

And this one is no exception….

Issued in 1975 in conjunction with Topps’ base set, they issued a ‘mini’ version of the set that was identical in all features and elements except for the size of the card.

So, while I have had the ’75 base card in my collection for more than a year, I never got the mini.

Until now!!!!  And here it is:

Darryl Strawberry 2005 Topps ‘Rookie Cup’ – Base

Darryl Strawberry 2005 Topps ‘Rookie Cup’ – Base

I love these cards – Topps did a great job picking players for the set.

I have a bunch of the Dawsons, a few of the Santos, and now a Strawberry for the bunch!

Issued in 2005, Topps’ ‘Rookie Cup’ is a hallmark of the hobby; one that is reserved for the best rookies.

And in 1983, that was Darryl Strawberry!!!

Here’s the card:

Nice, huh?  Yeah, I like it too!!!

Wade Boggs 1985 Donruss

Wade Boggs 1985 Donruss

The 1985 Donruss baseball cards is one that stirs us very intense emotions – Love & Hate.

Now you just need to decide which one is yours…

First, I’ll show you the card:

And now for the emotion:


Just way too boring and dull for this collector.  And when compared to the beauties issued in ’85 by both Topps and Fleer, the Donruss issue in ’85 was way behind the pack in third place.

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #638 – Matt Nokes & Kirby Puckett

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #638 – Matt Nokes & Kirby Puckett

“AL All-Stars”

The Twins’ Kirby Puckett and Tigers’ Matt Nokes both played key roles in helping their respective teams win division championships.  Such performances was to be expected from a veteran star like Puckett, but was very surprising from a rookie like Nokes.

Puckett’s 1987 season added more fuel to the opinion that he is one of the best all-around players in baseball.  He is one of the few players who can hit for both average and power.  He tied for the American League lead in hits with 207 and placed fourth in the league with a batting average of .332.  He also hit 28 home runs and drove in 99 runs.

Nokes more than adequately filled Detroit’s catching void left by the departure of 5-time All-Star Lance Parrish.  He batted .289, smacked 32 home runs, and had 87 RBIs.  Matt began the season as the Tigers’ DH, but when given the chance, he proved to be a solid backstopper.  My June 1, Nokes was Detroit’s everyday catcher.  Matt was selected to play in the 1987 All-Star game – a high honor for any player, most especially for a rookie.

Happy Anniversary Roger Clemens!!!

Happy Anniversary Roger Clemens!!!

On this day in 2003, Roger Clemens recorded the 300th win of his major league baseball career.

At home and hosting the St. Louis Cardinals as part of baseball’s inter-league play, Clemens took the hill for the New York Yankees in hopes of picking up win #300 in front of his home crowd.  And 55,000+ fans witnessed baseball history!!

In the contest, Clemens went 6 2/3 inning and picked up the win.  While on the mound, he allowed 6 hits and 2 runs while striking out 10 and walking just 2 batters.  Vintage Clemens was on display and this win put him in another class of ‘elite pitching greats’.

Congratulations ‘Rocket’!!!

Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits – 2,993 And Counting!!!

Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits – 2,993 And Counting!!!

Jeter had a solid afternoon on Sunday.  Going 2-for-5 collecting 2 singles while also scoring one run and driving in two more.

The Yankees won the game 9-2.

7 hits to go…