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‘On The Road With Psugator02′ – Dan Marino – June 11, 2011

‘On The Road With Psugator02′ – Dan Marino – June 11, 2011

Fairmont Turnberry Isle
Aventura, Fla.
1:30-2:15 p.m.
Friday, June 10

It’s not often you meet your favorite football player in a 1-on-1 situation and he’s everything you hoped he would be. It was a quick interaction, but Dan Marino, former Dolphins’ quarterback, didn’t let me down. It helped that I looked like I was a tournament volunteer. It helped even more that I told a great story about meeting Dan when I was 12 or 13. He had just released a paperback book about his rookie season and was going to be signing it about five minutes from my house. I still have the book. I asked Dan if he remembered the event. “That was 27 f*ckin years ago, dude,” Dan said. I mumbled something else, and Dan said, “I still look good but you look old, bro.” He then high-fived me and signed my two Dolphins’ minis. If I had more time to prepare I would have brought the camera for the picwith, but I really wasn’t expecting him to be there.

Dan Marino: 2/2 (Dolphins’ minis) in black Sharpie


Andre Dawson 2008 Upper Deck Legendary Memorabilia Game-Used Jersey Card #/50

Andre Dawson 2008 Upper Deck Legendary Memorabilia Game-Used Jersey Card #/50

I am slowly conquering this set.

I already own the card numbered to 99.  And I recently added one that is numbered to 35.  And now I have added this one to my collection:

Serial numbered as 15/50, this is my third one from the set.

Now all I have to do is figure out how many more of these bay-boys need to be brought home…

Stay tuned.

Dwight Gooden 1990 Upper Deck Team Checklist

Dwight Gooden 1990 Upper Deck Team Checklist

‘Doctor K’ is in the house and I cannot think of a better Met to grace a team’s checklist card than him.

And I have to say that the artist did a fantastic job recreating ‘Doc’ in these paintings!!

Just another reason that I miss the cards from my youth – Nobody does stuff like this any more.  And they should!!!

Jose Canseco 1990 Topps – ‘The Batting Practice Card’

Jose Canseco 1990 Topps – ‘The Batting Practice Card’

I have never attended batting practice.  But if I had in 1990, I have to imagine that Jose Canseco was one of the guys that really put on a show.

This card, from the 1990 Tops base set, features Jose in the batting cage warming up prior to a game.

I have to guess that the lucky fans in attendance on this afternoon were treated to a nice display of long-balls!!!


Did You Know…

In 1960, the New York Yankees hit .338 in the World Series, setting an all-time MLB record.  The clobbered Pittsburgh 16-3, 10-0, and 12-0. 

Amazingly, they lost the championship in seven games to the Pirates.

Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits – 2,994 And Hurting!!!

Derek Jeter’s Climb To 3,000 Hits – 2,994 And Hurting!!!

In a 1-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians, Derek Jeter took another step closer to the magical 3,000 hits mark. 

In the fifth inning, immediately after making contact Jeter injured his calf.  He still made it to first base, netting himself a single, but left the game after reaching the base.

Hopefully this injury is not a major, or even minor setback, is his attempt at making history…  Time will tell.