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Fergie Jenkins Signed Chicago Cubs Mini Helmet – TOO SWEET!!!!

Fergie Jenkins Signed Chicago Cubs Mini Helmet – TOO SWEET!!!!

About a month ago, I sent a Cubs’ mini helmet that I picked up to the Fergie Jenkins foundation in hopes of getting another autograph for my collection that pays honor to Fergie’s tremendous career.

I really want to start building the collection of Fergie to be on par with that of the one I am working on for Andre Dawson. 

And I think that getting this helmet done gets me 1 step closer, but still a very long, long way away…

Here it is:

Sweet, huh??  Yep, I know…

Fergie threw a Hall of Fame inscription on the helmet for me, and it looks perfect!!!

Thank you Fergie!!!  There will be quite a bit more heading your way soon!!!

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #240 – Pete Rose

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #240 – Pete Rose

Pete Rose was the epitome of offense for most of his playing days.  An absolute menace both at the plate and on the bases, Rose drove his opposition crazy.  And coupled with his top-notch skills as a hitter, Rose was the ignition that kept the Cincinnati Reds firing on all cylinders.

Rose played 24 seasons in the big leagues, spending 19 of them in Cincinnati.  The game’s all-time hits leader, Rose amassed over 3,300 hits with the club while also scoring 1700+ runs for the team.  During his days with the Reds, Rose was selected as an All-star 13 times while collecting 2 Gold Glove awards.  He was named the National League Rookie of the Year in 1963 while winning the Most Valuable Player award ten seasons later in 1973.

Rose made it to the World Series four times with the Reds.  He was part of both championship winning teams in 1975 & 1976.

Billy Martin 1953 Topps Baseball Archives

Billy Martin 1953 Topps Baseball Archives

Just a fantastically vintage looking baseball card here.

The 1953 Topps design is one of my favorites from the decade, and while Martin is not my favorite Yankee from that era, this card is a pretty sweet one!

Glancing at Martin’s vitals on the back, I cannot help but think of how few 5’11”, 165 pounders are in the game today…  WHOA!!!

Tony Gwynn 1989 Topps – Pop Quiz Time!!!

Tony Gwynn 1989 Topps – Pop Quiz Time!!!

Since the card is horrible, it is time to spice up scene by playing another round of ‘Pop Quiz’.

Here we go:

What is Tony Gwynn looking at in the picture used on this 1989 Topps baseball card?

  1. a sky-writing plane
  2. a dancing beer vendor
  3. the hot blond in the tube-top sitting in row 3
  4. John Kruk’s mullet

Go ahead – Make your pick and let me know!!!  🙂   Thanks for playing…

Happy Birthday Wally Joyner!!!

Happy Birthday Wally Joyner!!!

Wally Joyner turns 49 years old today.

Once looked upon as a basebal savior, Wally Joyner was a hitter that possesed the skills to excite baseball fans, young and old.

Blessed with a swing that was ‘picture perfect’, Joyner had the task of coming into the league as a 24-year old rookie and saving the California Angels franchise.

And while that job may have been to large a burden for any one player to tackle, especially a rookie, Joyner excelled immediately.  As a rookie, Joyner made the All-Star team, finished in 2nd place for the Rookie of the Year voting, and finished in 8th place for the MVP award.  He collected  172 hits, 100 RBI, scored 82 runs, and compiled a .290 batting average during that campaign; the most successful one of his career.

In total, Wally Joyner amassed 2,060 career hits.  He retired after 16 big league seasons with a .289 batting average.  Other notable stats from his career include 973 runs scored, 409 doubles, 204 home runs, and 1,106 RBI.

Avery solid career for someone with a world of pressue on his shoulders – Congratulations!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Joyner!!

Fergie Jenkins 2010 Panini Century Collection Certified Autograph

Fergie Jenkins 2010 Panini Century Collection Certified Autograph

If I was in charge of handing out awards for baseball cards, this one would get the award for the worst design issued in 2010. 

It’s just dull.  And boring.  And unoriginal.

If it has just one thing going for it, it may as well be an autograph of my favorite pitcher of all-time.

All is not lost…

After Two Weeks, ‘The Gary Carter Project’ Needs Your Help More Than Ever!!!

After Two Weeks, ‘The Gary Carter Project’ Needs Your Help More Than Ever!!!

Well, after two weeks, and dozens of emails, I have received just a few ‘Best Wishes’ cards to send to Gary Carter.

Please, if you expressed interest in sending a card in conjunction with the readers of ’30-YOC’ send it to me ASAP.  My plan is to send these on or around July 1 – but I can stretch that deadline if more people want to lend a hand card.

If you missed my original post about this, you can re-read the whole thing by clicking here.

For the five of you that have lended a hand in this effort so far, THANK YOU!!!

For the rest of you, I appreciate you stopping everything you’re doing to go fill out a card for Mr. Carter.  Your 45 seconds could not have been spent any better.  🙂

Thanks for reading.

Marlins Move Josh Johnson To The 60-Day DL

Marlins Move Josh Johnson To The 60-Day DL

By Joe Capozzi


PHILADELPHIA — Not long ago, Josh Johnson was one of the best pitchers in baseball and the Marlins were the National League wild-card leaders.

But Johnson hasn’t pitched in a month because of a shoulder injury and the Marlins are reeling through one of the worst stretches in franchise history – 8-19 since their ace got hurt.

The latest loss, 8-1 to the Philadelphia Phillies, came in the first game of a doubleheader Wednesday and dropped the Marlins to 1-13 in their past 14 games, the first time since 1999 that Florida had lost 13 games during a 14-game stretch. The 1998 team that finished with 108 losses had the only other two 1-13 stretches in franchise history.

Manager Edwin Rodriguez said he thinks Johnson’s absence has played a psychological role in the team’s skid because Marlins players initially thought the two-time All Star’s absence would be brief.

“First, it was two weeks. Pretty much everybody was like, ‘OK, two weeks. Maybe we can handle that as a team.’ But now it’s getting longer,’ Rodriguez said. “I can see the players feeling that loss. They have to pass that. They have to grow through that.”

Because his recovery has been slower than expected, the Marlins have been reluctant to predict a target date for Johnson’s return. But Rodriguez on Wednesday gave his most optimistic outlook: July 16, the day Johnson is eligible to come off the 60-day disabled list.

Johnson was transferred to the 60-day DL late Tuesday to make a roster spot for right-hander Elih Villanueva, who was called up from Class AA New Orleans and allowed eight runs in three innings Wednesday in the first game of the doubleheader.

Villanueva was optioned back to New Orleans after the game and replaced by veteran infielder Jose Lopez, who was called up from New Orleans to start at third base in the second game.

Johnson, who last started a month ago Thursday, still hasn’t thrown off the mound yet. But Rodriguez said the team believes Johnson will be completely healthy a few days before he’s eligible to come off the disabled list on July 16. The Marlins are in Chicago that day for a series against the Cubs.

“He’s going to be ready to go before the 60 days. But why not? Let’s wait the 60 days and make sure he’s 100 percent,” Rodriguez said.

That means Johnson – who posted a league-best 0.88 ERA in six starts in April – will have missed two months of the season. Meanwhile, the rest of the Marlins’ staff hasn’t exactly stepped up in his absence.

In their past three games, Ricky Nolasco, Chris Volstad and Villanueva have combined to allow 24 runs in 11 2/3 innings.

Florida has two starting pitchers with the worst ERAs in the National League – Javier Vazquez (7.09) and Volstad (6.07). The team entered Wednesday with an NL-worst 5.16 ERA for June.

“By the third or fourth inning, when you’re down by seven, eight runs, it’s hard to stay focused in the game,’ Rodriguez said.

“We need consistency on the mound. Other than Anibal Sanchez, we haven’t got that. We need a starter to keep us in the game because we haven’t showed offensively that we’re going to blow (teams) away.’

This isn’t the first injury for Johnson, who will need at least two rehab starts before he’s ready. Last season, he had back and shoulder issues that ended his season a month early. He also underwent reconstructive elbow surgery on Aug. 3, 2007.

“That’s one of the things he needs to work on – try to stay healthy,’ Rodriguez said. “Sometimes it’s out of his control. If you point out anybody in the clubhouse who’s a hard worker and tries to keep himself in good shape, that’s J.J.’