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A Gang Of Gypsies Have Invaded My Collection. And They All Look Like Andre Dawson…

A Gang Of Gypsies Have Invaded My Collection.  And They All Look Like Andre Dawson…

I know, I know.  A very corny headline to this post.

But, if you were curious enough to click – I am happy to show you the 12 cards I have scored so far from the Gypsy Queen issue.

12?  Yes, 12.  And here they are:

Good stuff, I know!!

In this mix, I have base cards.   I have framed cards.  I have minis.  I have Red backs.  I’ve got Bronzed beauties.  And I’ve got Sepia tones.

It has been a blast gathering these cards up over the last three weeks – and it has helped me get quite a bit closer to my goal of 900 cards for the Dawson collection by the end of 2011.

Topps Series 2, you’re next!!!  🙂


Johnny Bench 2010 Tri-Star Obak – My Favorite Obak!!!

Johnny Bench 2010 Tri-Star Obak – My Favorite Obak!!!

Ok, so now I have a nice little stack of these Obak cards issued in 2010.  Some I like, some I don’t…

But I do have a new favorite – the Johnny Bench card from the 2010 Obak set!!!

Started with a perfect image of Bench and his very successful and powerful swing, the card captures the Hall of Famer and 2-time MVP right after making contact with a pitch.

But, what I really like about this card is the background.  While some of the cards from the Obak set feature questionable background art (see Andre Dawson), this one offers up a perfect scene.

Take a look:

I told you, I told you!!!

Bo Jackson 1990 Upper Deck Team Checklist

Bo Jackson 1990 Upper Deck Team Checklist

Great artwork was part of the early Upper Deck phenomenon – and this card of Bo Jackson from the 1990 set is just one reason as to why it was so well received.

The comparison between the UD team checklists and the Donruss Diamond Kings is night and day in my eyes.  While there are some DK’s that I do like, the numbers don’t come close to matching my number of ‘likes’ from these ‘Collector’s Choice’ issues by Upper Deck.

Great job UD.  You have my vote!!!

My First Time – Orel Hershiser – September 1, 1983

My First Time – Orel Hershiser – September 1, 1983

The setting – Montreal, Canada.  Olympic Stadium.

From Hershiser – ‘I can’t say that I remember warming up or getting loose.  I just remember that suddenly I was on the mound at Olympic Stadium, and I kept telling myself to keep the ball down and get some grounders’.

The Boxscore – Expos 8, Dodgers 3.  Hershiser lasts just one inning allowing two hits and three runs while striking out one.

Happy Birthday Dave Concepcion!!!

Happy Birthday Dave Concepcion!!!

Dave Concepcion turns 63 years old today.

Dave Concepcion’s major league career lasted 19 seasons.  And all of them came as a member of the Cincinnati Reds.

A superb defender at shortstop, Concepcion helped anchor one of the most talented infields in all of baseball’s history.  For his incredible defensive efforts, Concepcion won 6 Gold Glove awards in a 7-year span.

A career .267 hitter, he collected 2,326 hits.  Fleet on his feet, Concepcion scored 993 runs for the Reds while also stealing 321 bases.  Other impressive offensive stats include 950 RBI, 389 doubles, 101 home runs, and 48 triples.

Concepcion was named as a National League All-star 9 times.  He also won back-to-back Silver Slugger trophies in 1981 & 1982.

Dave Concepcion’s brilliant play at shortstop along with his speed and ability to get on base helped the Cincinnati Reds win World Series titles in 1975 & 1976.

Happy Birthday Mr. Concepcion!!!

15/16 Is Outstanding, Except When It Represents How Many Games You’ve Lost…

15/16 Is Outstanding, Except When It Represents How Many Games You’ve Lost…

It is really hard to be a Marlins’ fan right now.