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Robin Yount & Dave Winfield 2002 Fleer Greats ‘Dueling Duos’

Robin Yount & Dave Winfield 2002 Fleer Greats ‘Dueling Duos’

The thought is awesome.

The idea works.

The execution – not so much….

When I hear of ‘Dueling Duos’ I picture some of the great battles between hitter and pitcher.  Give me Eckersley & Gibson.  How about Clemens & Mattingly?

Dave Winfield & Robin Yount?  Not so much…  Sure they have some things in common – HOFers, All-Stars, World Series’ – but Duels?  I cannot ever recall a Duel between the two…



Tony Gwynn 1991 Score

Tony Gwynn 1991 Score

There it is – IMPACT!!!

Did You Know…

Grover Cleveland Alexander pitched 16 shutouts during the 1916 season – a Major League record that may never be broken.

Happy Birthday Andres Galarraga!!!

Happy Birthday Andres Galarraga!!!

Andre Galarraga turns 50 years old today.

Andres Galarraga was an offensive stud during his 19-year career in the major leagues.  His ability to hit for power and average put him in a rare class of players during his era.

Andres finished his career with a .288 batting average, and hit over .300 10 times.  Galarraga also hit 399 home runs in his career, while hitting 20+ homers in 10 seasons.

Never considered the best at any one element of the game, Galarraga was recognized for his overall skills by making the All-Star team 5 times and finishing in the Top 10 for Most Valuable Player 6 times.

Later is his career, Andres battled cancer twice.  In 1999 he missed the entire season but made a full recovery and came back to play with the Braves for one more year.  When he did come back, he put up impressive stats and made another All-Star team.  Then, in 2004 his cancer came back and sidelined him for a month.  At this point, Galarraga was unable to regain his outstanding skills and became a bench player.  Galarraga retired the next spring with the New York Mets.  He finished his career just 1 home run shy of his goal of 400.

Happy Birthday Mr. Galarraga!!!

Happy Birthday Lou Brock!!!

Happy Birthday Lou Brock!!!

Lou Brock turns 72 years old today.

A classic player that has no equals in today’s game, Lou Brock was a player of extraordinary talents.  A man who could run like the wind and hit like a machine, Brock was a baseball stud during his 19-season career.

With 5 top-10 finishes for the MVP award, Brock solidified himself as a top-notch player early in his career and maintained that ranking throughout his playing days.  A star in the making with the Chicago Cubs, Brock really established himself as a superstar when he joined the St. Louis Cardinals.  It was there that he became baseball’s all-time stolen base king, a member of the 3,000 hits club, and a Hall of Fame player.

Of all of the players that started their careers in Chicago and then moved elsewhere, and there are plenty, it is Brock that I wish had never left. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Brock!!!