Happy Birthday Rick Sutcliffe!!!

Happy Birthday Rick Sutcliffe!!!

Rick Sutcliffe turns 55 years old today.

Rick Sutcliffe enjoyed a very solid 18-year major league career. 

A starting pitcher, with 392 starts on his resume, Sutcliffe finished his playing days with a 171-139 record.  He also threw 72 complete games, including 18 strikeouts.

Sutcliffe was a dominant pitcher – largely due to his physical stature.  Standing 6 feet, 7 inches tall, Sutcliffe looked better equipped to chop down trees, but he still chopped down batters in the National League.  In total, he struck out 1,679 batters during his career, good for 5.6 batter per 9 innings pitched.

A winner of the Rookie of the Year award in 1979 and the Cy Young Award in 1984, Sutcliffe was highly decorated throughout his career.  He is also a 3-time All-Star.

Happy Birthday to ‘The Red Baron’!!!

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