Results: Frank Thomas Book Signing!!!

Results:  Frank Thomas Book Signing!!!

For me, this one was a no-brainer….

I am on a lot of email subscriber lists.  Mostly dealing with sports, they tend to focus on companies selling clothing, equipment, and memorabilia.  Also included in that group is a handful of book stores that cater to public ‘Meet The Author’ events.

So, when the email came through that Frank Thomas was going to be on hand signing copies of a book he helped write, I jumped all over it!!

The book, titled ‘Going Yard’ is all about home runs.  From history to trivia and everything in between – all 246 pages have one common theme: The Longball!!

Frank Thomas wrote the forward for the book, and that is just fine with this fan.  Thomas is one of the guys that I would really like to collect – but he just has way too many cards for me to consider collecting; especially since I only know how to collect one way…

So, I will settle for picking up little odds and ends that feature ‘The Big Hurt’ – and this is the start.

Check it out…  Here is the book:


And here is that great Frank Thomas autograph, with a sweet and requested personalization!!!

As for the book, I will add it to the ‘On Deck’ list for ‘Required Reading’.


2 responses to “Results: Frank Thomas Book Signing!!!

  1. Incredible! A future Hall Of Famer for sure… I loved watching The Big Hurt play baseball. Now youll have to get his autograph on a baseball!
    Great Job Brian!

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