Rickey Henderson 1995 Fleer ‘Diamond Tribute’

Rickey Henderson 1995 Fleer ‘Diamond Tribute’

Now this is the Rickey that I know and love!!!

Everything that I remember about Rickey and his running style are captured on this baseball card issued by Fleer in 1995.

From the pumping arms to the powerful strides to the concentration on his face – this card has it all!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, and I hope at least one of you are, Rickey stole 32 bases in 1995 while getting caught 10 times.


2 responses to “Rickey Henderson 1995 Fleer ‘Diamond Tribute’

  1. Often a Rickey Henderson teammate..Olerud had a brain aneurysm when he was playing for Washington State University. Because of that he would wear a batting helmet even when playing the field which led to the great story involving Rickey Henderson. When Henderson and Olerud were standing around the batting cage the story goes Rickey said to John that he d played with another dude who also wore a helmet in the field just like Olerud.

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