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FINALLY!!!! My 1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set Is Complete!!!

FINALLY!!!!  My 1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set Is Complete!!!

After close to eight months, I am proud to announce that I have finally pieced together the full 1976 Topps team set of the Cincinnati Reds.

It took a bit longer than I expected, and I paid a little more for some cards than what I would have liked, but I am very happy to have completed this tribute to the 1976 team.

The set, consisting of 32 cards, looks great and is a perfect partner for the 1975 team set that I put together last year.

Here is a peek at the complete set:


Johnny Bench 1977 Topps Baseball Card

Johnny Bench 1977 Topps Baseball Card

Any time I can add some real ‘vintage’ stuff to my collection I try to.  And if the price tag of $0.99 is applied, I get a little giddy…

So of course I placed my bid, and I won!

For just $0.99 I picked up this 1977 Topps baseball card featuring Hall of Famer, Mr. Johnny Bench.

Here it is:

And while the picture on the card is nothing to brag about, not by a long shot, it is still a great addition to my collection of Bench cards.

Bo Jackson 1986 Donruss Highlights

Bo Jackson 1986 Donruss Highlights

Any time a rookie can crack a ‘Highlights’ themed baseball card set, it is a good thing.  It shows the progression of the sport.  It shows that ultimately no record or landmark is safe.

Bo Jackson made his way into the 1986 Donruss ‘Highlights’ set by crushing the longest home run ever hit at Royal Stadium.  How long was the homer?  475 feet!!!

Not too shabby for a 23-year old football player, huh???

Atta Boy Bo!!!

Tony Gwynn 1991 Donruss

Tony Gwynn 1991 Donruss

Another card for the Tony Gwynn collection – YIPPEEEE!!!

The 1991 Donruss baseball card design was not going to win any awards for originality or style, but it may win the card that most reminds you of a child’s birthday party…

Full of bright and bold colors along with a smattering of confetti that runs along the right-side border, the cards issued by Donruss in 1991 probably grade out as a ‘C’ in my book.  Just average.

And speaking of average, Tony Gwynn hit .317 in 1991!

Dave Winfield 2001 Topps Archives

Dave Winfield 2001 Topps Archives

I love the whole thought of the ‘Archives’ brand that Topps issued in the early part of the century. 

The thought was a simple one – take popular card designs from prior issues and re-issue them with new photographs and better quality cardstock, images, and glossy finish.

And if Dave Winfield is lucky enough to be chosen as a player to feature in the set, myself and other collectors are going to be thrilled.

And lucky for us, he made the cut 2001.

Here’s the card:

Why Topps, Why?  Cleveland Indians???  Come on now…  Give me Padres.  Give me Yankees.  You can even give me the Blue Jays.  But the Indians…  Get real!!!