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’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Favorites Florida Marlins’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Favorites Florida Marlins’

Man, my team has been making headlines of late – and very little of it is good.

So, I wanted to flip the script a bit and think of my ‘fish’ in a more positive light.

And what better way to do that than to present to you my ‘Top Ten Favorite Florida Marlins’.

And while some of these players may not have reached the peak of their career while suited up for my ‘home team’, they certainly did make me smile while playing in Miami.

Here we go:

Honorable Mention:  Hanley Ramirez, Benito Santiago, Devon White, Gary Sheffield, Bobby Bonilla, Ivan Rodriguez, Livan Hernandez, Charles Johnson, Al Leiter, Miguel Cabrera, Cameron Maybin, Juan Pierre, Dontrelle Willis, Tim Raines, and Craig Counsell.

10 – Andre Dawson.  Come on, you know that he was going to be on the list…

9 – Logan Morrison / Chris Coghlan / Mike Stanton / Gaby Sanchez – Neither of these guys has done quite enough yet to earn a spot to themselves, but between the four of them I think our core of offense looks great for the future.  I could very easily picture each of these guys occupying a spot for themselves a few years from now…

8 – Luis Castillo.  A very solid defender who put up solid batting averages, on-base percentages, and stolen base numbers on a consistent basis.

7 – Jeff Conine – ‘Mr. Marlin’.  He is probably the team’s most recognized player of all-time, and he is worthy of the title.

6 – Dan Uggla.  I loved watching this guy club homer after homer into the empty outfield seats in Miami.

5 – Josh Johnson.  He will go down as the team’s greatest pitcher to date.  Now, JJ just needs to focus on maintaining his health.  When he is on, he is a Cy Young candidate with very few equals.

4 – Edgar Renteria.  This guy delivered offense at the best times, when they were needed the most.  Very soft-spoken and generally hiding from any form of spotlight, Edgar let his game do the talking.  It it spoke volumes!!

3 – Josh Beckett.  We got to see Josh when he was green.  But even back then, he showed us flashes of his great command and powerful stuff.  No player can single-handidly win you a championship, but Josh certainly played a big part of our 2003 title.


2 – Cody Ross.  Nothing but smiles from and for Cody.  A truly class act with a a respect for the game that is obvious with each act he completes on the field.  Probably one of the most popular Marlins players of all-time.

1 – Mike Lowell.  There was very little that Lowell couldn’t do.  He was a solid teammate, a vocal leader, and he backed up his words with great offense and supreme defense.  You cannot help but cheer for a player that has been through what he has been through – A class act all of the way!!!

And there you have it, my ‘Top Ten Favorite Florida Marlins’.

Did I miss anyone???  Let me know.

And week, I have a great idea… Think Long-Ball…  Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tribute Dual Game-Used Bat Card – Numbered To 20!!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Tribute Dual Game-Used Bat Card – Numbered To 20!!!!

Finally – an even more rare Dawson card from this year’s Tribute set!

I already own the Dual-Bat cards that are numbered to 99 and 75, so I am really happy to be able to nab the more rare version that has just 20 issues.

So nice to look at, and even nicer to see in person – these cards are very, very sweet!!!

Take a look:

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down??? Ernie Banks 2004 Upper Deck ‘Play Ball’

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down???    Ernie Banks 2004 Upper Deck ‘Play Ball’

I’m really on the fence with this one.  Please help push me in either direction….

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down???

Ozzie Smith 1985 Topps Glossy All-Star

Ozzie Smith 1985 Topps Glossy All-Star

It’s so disappointing that when Topps decides to make a special set of cards honoring the All-Stars of the sport that they use such crappy pictures…

Seriously, was there a more photogenic player during the decade of the 1980s that Ozzie Smith?  I challenge you to find one…

Whether it was running, playing defense, dropping down bunts, throwing the ball, or hitting at the plate – all of those scenes would have been better than this:

Bad Topps, Bad!!!

Bad Topps, Bad!!!

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!!!

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!!!

The Yankees’ captain turn 38 years old today.

And while it can be very easily argued that Jeter has never been the best shortstop in the league or entire sport at any point during the course of his career, I can easily say that he is one that I have the utmost respect for.  A true leader on the field, Jeter has a knack for making good things happen.  And whether it is luck or skill, his star seems to shine brightest when all eyes are aimed in his direction.

To date, I own own less than baseball cards of Jeter.  But I think that is going to have to change.  I want to start picking up cards for both of my boys – and I think that a few Jeter cards would be nice ways to get those collections going.

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!!!