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Andre Dawson & Fergie Jenkins 2011 Topps – Leather Nameplates!!!

Andre Dawson & Fergie Jenkins 2011 Topps – Leather Nameplates!!!

I’m not sure why so many people don’t care for these cards.  Personally, I like the originality of them.  And I really like that Topps continues to try something new with their annual releases…

So, for all of you that have jeered these manufactured leather nameplates, I ask you this – Would you rather have another subset of recycled card designs in this year’s issue?  Or would you rather have a unique and different card that looks nothing like anything else in your collection?

For me, the answer is simple.  And that is why I was so happy to pick up these bad-boys:


Tony Gwynn 1986 Donruss

Tony Gwynn 1986 Donruss

Very, very cool addition to my Tony Gwynn collection.

And while this card may bore some collectors, I love it!!!

If I could ass a title to the card, it would be – ‘The Master Is Studying’.

Great job Donruss!!!

1990 Headline: Two No-Hitters In One Day!!!

1990 Headline:  Two No-Hitters In One Day!!!

I can recall this day like it was yesterday…

On this day in 1990, both Dave Stewart of the Oakland Athletics and Fernando Valenzuela of the Los Angeles Dodgers threw no-hitters.

I remember checking the box scores the day after these two no-hitters and thought how cool it was to see two on the same page of the paper…

Let’s look a little closer at these two ‘No-No’s’:

Dave Stewart – On the road and in front of a crowd of just under 50,000, the A’s were in Toronto to battle the Blue Jays.  Stewart pitched a gem while striking out 12 batters ang giving up just 3 walks.  He threw 115 pitches during the game it took just 147 minutes for his A’s team to beat the Blue Jays 5-0.

Fernando Valenzuela – At home and facing the Cardinals, Valenzuela was awesome as he and his Dodgers teammates beat St. Louis 6-0 in 161 minutes.  Valenzuela was brilliant – allowing just 3 base runners while striking out 7 batters.  For the game, he threw 119 pitches.  He also went 1-for-4 at the plate.

2 great pitchers.  1 amazing accomplishment.  Baseball history!!!

Happy Birthday Pedro Guerrero!!!

Happy Birthday Pedro Guerrero!!!

Pedro Guerrero turns 55 years old today.

Guerrero was a solid contributor to both the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals teams that he was a part of for fifteen seasons.

A 5-time All-Star with a knack for delivering power at the plate.  In his 15 seasons in the big league, Pedro collected 215 home runs while driving in 898 RBI.  In four seasons, he hit at least 27 home runs with his highest tally coming in 1985 with 33.

Guerrero also finished in the Top 4 for the MVP award on four different occasions.  He was a steady and consistent hitter from the time he made it to the big leagues in 1978 and throughout the course of his playing days.

Happy Birthday Mr. Guerrero!!!

Happy Birthday Harmon Killebrew!!!

Happy Birthday Harmon Killebrew!!!

Harmon Killebrew was a baseball superstar that played in a city that never quite got the attention of other major cities.  And because of that, Killebrew was kind of like a secret.

But what was not a secret was the fact that Killebrew could slug home runs at the same rate, and oftentimes greater, than the sport’s best sluggers.  Amazingly, Killebrew seemed to get better with age as he collected more home runs in the second half of his career than he did in the first half.  In 22 years, the Hall of Famer hit 573 round-trippers.  He currently sits in 11th place on the all-time list.

Happy Birthday Mr. Killebrew!!  Rest In Peace.

Signing News: Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, and Bert Campaneris!!!

Signing News:  Fergie Jenkins, Gaylord Perry, and Bert Campaneris!!!

This is going to be a good one.  A really good one…

30-Year Old Cardboard is happy to present this amazing opportunity to you.  Teaming up with the Fergie Jenkins foundation, I am thrilled to announce this signing which will take place at Cooperstown, during the weekend of the 2011 HOF induction ceremony.

If you are a collector of autographs, now is your chance to jump on board and score some great signatures for some incredible pricing!!!

The details:

Cooperstown Induction Weekend – The Fergie Jenkins Foundation

Needs Items by July 20th

Please Mail Item(s) and Payment to:

Fergie Jenkins Foundation

P.O Box 664

Lewiston, NY



HOF Inductee 1991, 1971 NL Cy Young, 284 Wins, 3,192 K’s

Cards – $20

Balls/Flats – $20

Oversize Items/Bats – $40

Jerseys – $50

HOF 91 Inscription included on all items.

$10 for each extra inscription.


HOF Inductee 1991, AL Cy Young 1972, NL Cy Young 1978, 314 Wins, 3,534 K’s

Cards – $20

Balls/Flats – $20

Oversize Items/Bats – $40

Jerseys – $50

HOF Inscription included on all items.

$10 for each extra inscription.


3-Time World Series Champ, 6 Time All-Star

Cards – $10

Balls/Flats – $20

Oversize Items/Bats – $40

Jerseys – $50

One Free Inscription if requested.

So, if you want in, and I cannot see why you wouldn’t, jump in now so you can get your items shipped and received in time for them to make it to Cooperstown!!!