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’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Tom Cruise Films’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Tom Cruise Films’

My wife and I made a huge mistake by renting and watching ‘Knight And Day’ last night.  Starring two A-list actors, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, this movie was horrible from start to end.

And after wondering why we just wasted two hours watching the film, I wanted to know how much these two box-office stars got for their roles in the movie as it was clear to me that they must have been paid very well as there was no way that the script or story is what attracted them to this one…

After a few minutes of research, I see that Cruise earned 13 million for this film.  I would have, and possibly could have, performed just as well for considerably less.

So, all of this has got me thinking, what are my favorite Tom Cruise films?  He is not one of my favorite actors, but I do think that everyone has a favorite, right?

Anyways, after some serious thinking, here is my list:

Honorable mention – A Few Good Men, The Firm, Cocktail, All The Right Moves, and Collateral.

10 – Mission Impossible, Part 1.  Good story, good cast, and memorable action scenes.

9 – Top Gun – An ’80s classic.  Tons of memorable scenes – the film that really launched Cruise’s career.

8 – Days Of Thunder – Fun action with intense racing scenes, I never got the feeling that Cruise fully got into the role of Cole Trickle.

7 – Jerry Maguire – Another ‘classic’, but I found Cruise to be out-acted by Cuba Gooding and Renee Zelwegger on this one.

6 – Rain Man – Cruise was overshadowed in every way imaginable by Hoffman on this one.  Hoffman carried the film the entire way, and Cruise was a sufficient, but not overly impressive, supporting actor.

5 – The Outsiders – A personal favorite with a very memorable cast!!

4 – Color Of Money – Great film.  Cruise did a very good job on this one.  I am impressed with how he worked on-screen with Newman.

3 – Risky Business – A fun story, I think that Cruise really steals the show with this movie.  On screen with better actors, he demands your attention in each and every scene in which he appears.

2 – Born On The 4th Of July – Phenomenal!!!  Start to finish – a masterpiece!!!

1 – The Last Samurai – While he plays the hero that saves the day and gets the girl, Cruise really got into this role and this is one of very few Cruise films in which I don’t see him as another role while playing this one.  This movie is Superb!!!

When researching to build this list, one thing became abundantly clear to me – Tom Cruise plays the same role in a lot of his films.  Handsome guys gets the beautiful girl while saving the day.  Think about that – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 1 all share that very common theme just with different plots.

What is your favorite Tom Cruise movie?  Let me hear it…

Thanks for reading!!

Frank Thomas 2004 Topps Chrome ‘Fashionably Great’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Frank Thomas 2004 Topps Chrome ‘Fashionably Great’ Game-Used Jersey Card


All day, everyday!!  Oh, yeah!!

There was no way that I was going to let this one pass me by.  I have a bit of a ‘man-crush’ on Frank Thomas, and while I cannot make the commitment it would take to collect all of the cards from his playing days, I can certainly honor his wonderful career by picking up a few goodies of his from time to time.

This, part of the ‘Fashionably Great’ subset in the 2004 Topps Chrome set is a beauty!  Full of shine and color, the card is perfectly accented by a great, Grey swatch from one of Thomas’ ChiSox jerseys!!

Here it is:

Bob Gibson 2001 Upper Deck ‘The Hall Of Records’ – Front & Back

Bob Gibson 2001 Upper Deck ‘The Hall Of Records’ – Front & Back

I don’t make it a practice to show of the backs of baseball cards, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy them.  From the stats, to the photos, and the little anecdotes – I enjoy all aspects of the baseball card!

This card, of Hall of Famer Bob Gibson, is a very nice card.  From the ‘Hall of Records’ set, the card honors Gibson for his incredible 1.12 ERA during the 1968 baseball season.

And as nice as the front of the card looks:

The back is just as sweet:


Wade Boggs 1988 Fleer All-Star

Wade Boggs 1988 Fleer All-Star

Was Wade Boggs worthy of his All-star selection during the 1988 baseball season?  Let’s take a peek at the numbers to get a closer look, shall we?

214 hits, 366 batting average, ,476 on-base percentage, 45 doubles, 6 triples, 5 home runs, 128 runs scored, 58 RBI, 125 walks, 34 strikeouts in 719 plate appearances.

So, was Wade Boggs worthy of his 4th All-Star selection?

I think so.  And so did Fleer….

Dennis Eckersley 1976 Topps – ROOKIE CARD!!!!

Dennis Eckersley 1976 Topps – ROOKIE CARD!!!!

Rookie card, rookie card, I got my rookie card!!!

Can you tell that I am happy about this one?  I thought so…

I am so excited about this addition to my collection – A 1976 Topps Dennis Eckersley rookie card!!!

While the card is far from exciting from a design or photography element, it does represent the start of the career of one of the most dominant and brilliant relief pitchers in baseball history – ‘The Eck’!!!

Oh, Yeah!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Upper Deck Legends – ‘Timeless Teams 1969 Cubs’

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Upper Deck Legends – ‘Timeless Teams 1969 Cubs’

The 1969 Chicago Cubs hold a very special place in the hearts of all Cubs’ fans.  After all, that was the team that was supposed to be the best opportunity for championship honors.

Unfortunately, the team collapsed historically, and the New York Mets became ‘Amazin’.

Fergie Jenkins had a solid, solid season in 1969.  Starting 42 games, Fergie went 21-15 on the year while throwing 23 complete games including 7 shutouts.  In 311 innings pitched, Fergie gave up 122 runs while striking out 273 batters and walking just 71.

Oh, Fergie was also a league leader in 1969 – his 42 starts and 273 strikeouts led the National League.

Eddie Murray 2001 Fleer Greats – MAGIC!!!

Eddie Murray 2001 Fleer Greats – MAGIC!!!

The phrase says, ‘Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’.

And I agree 100% – This one is a beauty!!!

And I am thrilled to have this bad-boy for my Eddie Murray collection!!