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Joe Morgan 1966 Topps – FINALLY!!!

Joe Morgan 1966 Topps – FINALLY!!!

The word ‘Finally’ sums it up pretty well…

For months I have shopped for this baseball card.  Some were too high prices.  Some lacked the condition I was hoping for.  And some I lost to higher bidders.

But finally, I can proudly state that I am the owner of Joe Morgan’s 2nd year card – a 1966 Topps baseball card!!!

And it is a beauty.  Take a look:

Featuring a very young and talented Joe Morgan, alongside a great ‘All-Star Rookie’ logo, this card becomes an instant classic for me and my collection that honors the 2-time MVP and Hall of Famer!!!

And now, I have just 1 more card to obtain and then my Morgan collection will be complete!!


Kirby Puckett 1991 Score ‘Dream Team’

Kirby Puckett 1991 Score ‘Dream Team’

While I like the artistic approach that Score took with their ‘Dream Team’ subsets from the early 1990’s, do any of us really need to see shirtless baseball players?

I think not.  Let’s move on…

My First Time – Chipper Jones – September 11, 1993

My First Time – Chipper Jones – September 11, 1993

The Setting – Jack Murphy Stadium.  San Diego, CA.

From Jones – ‘First thing I did was pinch-run for Sid Bream.  My lead off first base was about three inches.  I’m a rookie, and the last thing I want to do is cost us the game so I’m figuring better safe than sorry.  I would have much rather pinch-hit than pinch-run.’

The Box Score – Braves 13, Padres 1.  Jones makes appearance as a pinch-runner and does not get an official at-bat.

Happy Anniversary Tom Seaver!!!

Happy Anniversary Tom Seaver!!!

On this day back in 1985 Tom Seaver recorded the 300th win of his career!!

Battling against the most popular team in the sport, Seaver’s White Sox team was at Yankee Stadium to take on ‘The Bronx Bombers’. 

The Sox won the ball game with a 4-1 win and Seaver won the 300th game of his career at the age of 40.  Here is a quick look at his numbers from this historic event:

Innings pitched 9
Hits allowed 6
Strikeouts 7
Walks 1
K’s : Walks 7:1
Runs allowed 1


Not a bad effort for the 40-year old baseball history making machine huh?  For Seaver, it was an incredible effort and another amazing accomplishment during his brilliant baseball career.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Tom Terrific’!!!!

Happy Birthday Roger Clemens!!

Happy Birthday Roger Clemens!!

Roger Clemens turns 49 years old today.

And I have to imagine that if he wanted to, he could come back and still perform for any one of the playoff contenders out there right now!  Luckily there appears to be no interest in that happening…

I used to love watching ‘Rocket’ pitch.  To  this day I have never seen a more dominant pitcher in the game that was able to maintain that kind of success throughout the majority of their career.  As great as Dwight Gooden, Orel Hershiser, and Randy Johnson were, each of them saw a significant drop-off in their ability to out perform all opponents at some point in their careers.  But not Clemens, he was truly in a league of his own when it came to posting successful year after year.   12 years of 200+ strikeouts and 17+ wins certainly backs up that claim.

Happy Birthday Mr. Clemens!!!

New Florida Marlins Ballpark – The Coolest Ballpark Ever!!!

New Florida Marlins Ballpark – The Coolest Ballpark Ever!!!