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Andre Dawson 1988 Topps ‘Gallery Of Champions’ – SILVER

Andre Dawson 1988 Topps ‘Gallery Of Champions’ – SILVER

Oddball time here at ’30-YOC’.

This one comes courtesy of Topps and was issued in 1988.  I cannot recall what the deal was with these little treats, but they are pretty nice.  And heavy too…

If anyone knows more about these as it relates to when they were released, how they were found, etc., please share with the group.

Now it is time to show off this gem:.

Here is the front:

And here is the back:

Very nice huh?  A solid addition to my Andre Dawson collection.

Now tell me more about the card.  PLEASE!!!

Dave Winfield 2002 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

Dave Winfield 2002 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

I normally prefer my Dave Winfield baseball cards that feature him wearing either a San Diego Padres or New York Yankees uniform.  Understandably, Winfield’s greatest seasons came with those two franchises, and his Hall of Fame resume is loaded with impressive feats while wearing both of those uniforms.

But when it comes to winning, and specifically the World Series, there is only one team uniform that Winfield can be displayed in.

That team?

The Toronto Blue Jays!  In 1992, Winfield was a World Series champion while playing for the Jays.

So this card is very fitting!!!

Dennis Eckersley 1984 Topps Traded

Dennis Eckersley 1984 Topps Traded

What you are seeing below is Dennis Eckersley’s first baseball card in a Chicago Cubs uniform.

And while Eckersley’s time in Chicago was limited to just three seasons, he put up some decent numbers for the Cubbies during that time.  From 1984-1986, ‘Eck’ started 81 games while compiling a 27-26 record.  Of his victories, he threw 9 complete games, including 2 shutouts.

After leaving the team for Oakland in before the start of the 1988 baseball season, ‘Eck’ also left his role as a starting pitcher behind…

I think that was a good move by him… 


Did You Know…

There are only two members of the ‘500 Home Run Club’ that were switch hitters.  Mickey Mantle leads that duo with 536 career home runs and Eddie Murray joins him in that elite club with 504 round trippers.

Happy Birthday John Olerud!!!

Happy Birthday John Olerud!!!

John Olerud turns 43 years old today. 

And to be quite honest, I am shocked to learn that he is that young.  You see, Olerud retired from baseball back in 2005 at the age of 36.  Personally I would love to be retired when I reach 36, but even in the world of professional baseball, 36 is considered to be a young age to leave the game.

John Olerud had a very solid 17-year major league career.  The highlight of his career would undoubtedly be his winning 2 World Series championships with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993.

Olerud was also able to achieve some individual awards as well.  He was a 2-time all-star and 3-time winner of the Gold Glove award. 

For his birthday I would like to give Olerud a few more career achievements.  Let’s start with 261 more hits to round out his career total to 2,500.  How about another 45 home runs as well so he could reach the 300 mark?  Come on, he deserves it.  And if he stuck around the game for a few more years it’s very possible that these baseball milestones would have been met anyway…

Happy Birthday Mr. Olerud!!!


Dan Uggla Shares The Secret For His Recent Offensive Surge…

Dan Uggla Shares The Secret For His Recent Offensive Surge…