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A Pair Of Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Timelines Cards – ‘Boys Of Summer’

A Pair Of Andre Dawson 2004 Donruss Timelines Cards – ‘Boys Of Summer

A little two-for-one special for you here on a wonderful Tuesday evening…

Coming from the 2004 Donruss Timelines set tagged as ‘Boys Of Summer’, this set features my pal Andre Dawson as a member of the Boston Red Sox. 

I was able to score each card for just 99 cents a piece – and now just like that, I have two more rows added to my official checklist.

The two cards I picked up are identical.

Here are the fronts:

And now the backs:

Same cards, right?? 


One of these beauties is serial numbered as 47/100, while the other is stamped as 46/250.

I told you, two new cards for the collection!!!  🙂

Rickey Henderson 2006 Topps ‘Rookie Of The Week’

Rickey Henderson 2006 Topps ‘Rookie Of The Week’

Man, oh man.  I have a ton of memories of Rickey Henderson’s 1980 Topps rookie card.  As a kid, having this kind of card separated your collection from the guys that didn’t.  The card, a classic then and a classic now, was a centerpiece.

This re-print of the same design was issued in 2006 by Topps as part of their ‘Rookie Of The Week’ series.

And while the picture used of Rickey is far from stellar, the look of that vintage 1980 design is still fantastic!!  And look as how well Topps incorporated the A’s colors into the design.

Check it out:

Tony Gwynn 1989 Donruss – MVP!!

Tony Gwynn 1989 Donruss – MVP!!

Tony Gwynn was riding high in 1989 – and yes, he was certainly the Most Valuable Padre!!!

My favorite stat from Gwynn’s 1989 baseball season?


Gwynn stole 40 bases in 1989, his second highest tally in a single season (56 in ’87).  What impresses me about this number is how high it is.  If you told me ten, I would not have blinked, but 40?  40 from a guy that was never known for his speed?  40 for a guy that was never categorized as a speedster?

Just goes to show how intelligently Gwynn played the game!!

Did You Know…

Todd Helton, of the Colorado Rockies, is the only player in major league history to collect back-to-back 100 or more extra base hits in consecutive seasons.  In 2000, Helton hit 59 doubles and 42 home runs.  He followed up that season by hitting 54 doubles, 2 triples, and 49 home runs in 2001.

Yankees Bench Jorge Posada, Likely For Good

Yankees Bench Jorge Posada, Likely For Good

By      Ian Casselberry

It’s the last thing any athlete wants to hear from a coach: We think we’re a better team without you.

Hearing that has to be especially difficult for someone who’s had as much success in his baseball career as Jorge Posada(notes). But that’s the conversation he had with New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi before Sunday night’s 3-2 loss to the Boston Red Sox.

From The LoHud Yankees Blog:

“He said he was going to put the best lineup on the field, and he doesn’t know when I’m going to DH again,” Posada said. “So right now I’m sitting on the bench… I’m not happy about it, but right now I can’t do nothing about it. I put myself in this situation.”

Two months ago, Posada also appeared to take responsibility for his plight. But his actions spoke otherwise when Girardi penciled him into the ninth spot in the lineup, and he then said he couldn’t play due to a sore back. (Interestingly, this also took place before a game against the Red Sox.)

Yankees GM Brian Cashman added more drama to the situation when he met with the media during the game, saying Posada pulled himself from the lineup. Worked into a frenzy, reporters surrounded Posada’s locker after the game, asking for a response to Cashman’s comments. Posada took exception to Cashman talking to the media during the game, sneering “That’s the way he works now.”

Sunday’s announcement came with no such theatrics.

Posada didn’t have a chance to take himself out of the Yankees’ lineup this time around. He wasn’t batting ninth. Girardi didn’t have him in the lineup at all, giving Eric Chavez(notes) the start at designated hitter. (For what it’s worth, Chavez batted 0 for 4 with three strikeouts on Sunday night.)

Back in May, Posada was hitting .165/.272/.349, making Girardi’s decision look like a no-brainer. Posada improved from there, seemingly motivated by the slight, and pushed his batting average up to .240, with a somewhat respectable OPS of .754. But it’s never really gotten better from there. As of Sunday, he was batting .230/.309/.372 and struggling through a 1-for-13 slump.

Yankees bench Jorge Posada, likely for goodChavez looks like a better option at DH, hitting .323/.389/.431. But those numbers have been compiled in only 72 plate appearances this season. However, Chavez can still play in the field, playing 18 games at third base. And with Alex Rodriguez(notes) working his way back from knee surgery, the Yankees might need some help at that position.

Ultimately, that might be what benching Posada is really about. A-Rod might have to play at DH when he first returns. That leaves an opening at third base, which Chavez would likely fill — perhaps in a platoon with Eduardo Nunez(notes). Chavez could also help out at first base occasionally, allowing Mark Teixeira(notes) to DH. However it works out, the Yankees now have more lineup flexibility.

The Yankees have one more option at DH, which would be to call up Jesus Montero(notes) from Class AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. According to the New York Post’s Joel Sherman, the team’s preference is to go with Chavez first. Rodriguez would probably have to show he could play third base regularly again before Montero could be called up to take the full-time DH role.

Sitting on the bench can’t be the way anyone wanted to see Posada’s 17-year career with the Yankees end. But he’s not being released, presumably to avoid clubhouse drama. And there’s plenty more baseball to be played, including the postseason. Posada was hitting decently against right-handers, with a .263/.340/.438 average and all nine of his home runs. Maybe he has some contributions left to make this season.

But it could be a while — a long one — before that opportunity comes around for him.


Happy Birthday Deion Sanders!!!

Happy Birthday Deion Sanders!!!

Deion Sanders turns 44 years old today.

The guy that they called ‘Prime Time’ was a joy to watch.  And while he was ultimately a better professional football player than baseball player, Deion was still entertaining nonetheless.

With a major league career that lasted 9 seasons, Deion’s career was based on his greatest attribute – Speed!

Sanders collected 159 stolen bases during his playing days.  Usually hitting at the top of the line-up, his skills allowed for him to score 308 runs in 641 games.

A member of the Braves, Reds, Yankees, and Giants, Deion had the charisma and flare to excite crowds and bring people to the ballpark.  And if memory serves me properly, he was also a good football player too.

Happy Birthday ‘Prime Time’!!!  And congratulations on your Pro Football Hall of Fame induction too!