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Andre Dawson 1987 MVP Commemorative Silk Cachet – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

Andre Dawson 1987 MVP Commemorative Silk Cachet – AUTOGRAPHED!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words., sure I get it.  But in this case, for this collector, a picture is worth much more than that.

Take a look and enjoy the latest addition to my Andre Dawson autographed memorabilia collection:


Jim Palmer 2002 Topps Archives

Jim Palmer 2002 Topps Archives

If you know ’30-YOC’, you know that I really love the 1971 Topps baseball card set.

And while it is hardly the most original or dynamically designed card, it is the quest for great looking, mint cards from this set that makes me enjoy the search.

Topps seems to be pretty proud of this issue as well as they seem to try to throw reprints of it in several of their modern-issue sets.

This card of Jim Palmer from the 2002 Topps Archive set is a reprint of the 1971 Topps card that honor’s Palmer success during the 1970 World Series, in which he helped the team win the World Series.

A great addition to my collection for two reasons:  (1) it’s Jim Palmer (2) it’s a reprint of his 1971 Topps baseball card.

Take a look:

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Score

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Score

Dennis Eckersley rebounded pretty well in 1989 after a very famous post-season loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series the season before.

How did he fare the next year?

In 51 games, ‘Eck’ collected 33 saves for the A’s while amassing a very low ERA of just 1.56.  In 57 innings of work, he struck out 55 batters while walking just 3.  Yes, 3!!

I would say that there was no side-effects from the 1988 World Series…

Joe Morgan 2001 Upper Deck ‘Cooperstown Collection’

Joe Morgan 2001 Upper Deck ‘Cooperstown Collection’

I bought this card on the ‘blind’.  Meaning that I never saw it prior to buying, went with a terrifically named subset that featured one of my favorite players from the 1970’s.

The result, another card of Joe Morgan for my collection.  And a horrible looking baseball card.

Check it out:

Who Would Have Thought That A 180-Pound Outfielder Would Be Leading The AL In RBI???

Who Would Have Thought That A 180-Pound Outfielder Would Be Leading The AL In RBI???

Not me!

And for as much as I have always admired Curtis Granderson’s 5-tool abilities, I did not expect him to climb to the leaderboard of this category.

The RBI leader of a team is usually a spot reserved for the 3,4, or 5 hitter – Granderson rarely finds himself in that category – which in my eyes makes his feat even more impressive.

As of today, Curtis has 93 RBI, leading the way in the American League.

Atta Boy Curtis, keep up the great work!!!

Can you say MVP??  I can!!!

Did You Know…

No pitcher has surrendered more home runs in his major league career that Hall of Famer Robin Roberts, who gave up 505 homers.