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’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Guys I’d Like To See Throw A No-Hitter’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Guys I’d Like To See Throw A No-Hitter’

As you probably know, I watch a lot of baseball.  I would say that 4-5 nights a week, I am tuned into a game, or two if possible.

My team of choice is the Florida Marlins, but I also watch a lot of Rays baseball as well as anything aired by ESPN, especially on Sunday night.

And now with three no-hitters already under our belts for the 2011 season, I thought it would be fun to tell you the ten guys I would really like to see toss a ‘No-No’.

First let me say that Roy Halladay, Justin Verlander, and Matt Garza are not on the list.  I’ve already seen them make baseball history so I know what that looks like.

Here we go:

Honorable Mention – Tim Hudson, Shawn Marcum, and Felix Hernandez.

10 – Chris Carpenter

9 – James Shields

8 – Cole Hamels

7 – CC Sabathia

6 – Cliff Lee

5 – Josh Johnson

4 – David Price

3 – Clayton Kershaw

2 – Josh Beckett

1 – Tim Lincecum

And there you have it.  Did I miss anyone that you would have added to the list??

Let me hear it!!

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic – Patch Relic

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic – Patch Relic

As I keep building my Fergie Jenkins collection in hopes to have one of the most collections of Jenkins baseball cards and memorabilia around, I try to keep my focus on his time with the Chicago Cubs as much as possible.

But sometimes, and it is happening more and more often, I see something that I just have to have.

And it happened again when I saw this beauty:

While I would prefer to have this card with a ‘C’ in the center, for now I will settle for the ‘T’.


Rickey Henderson 2003 Donruss – FAIL!!

Rickey Henderson 2003 Donruss – FAIL!!

Sorry, but I just cannot get into this one…

Rickey was one of the most photogenic players from his era, but him in a Dodgers uniform just doesn’t please this collector…

Here is the card:

Give me Rickey in an A’s uniform.  Give me Rickey in a Yankees uniform.  Anything else and it is a significant drop off for me!!!

Wade Boggs 1992 Score – Base & All-Star

Wade Boggs 1992 Score – Base & All-Star

Let’s crush two birds with one stone, shall we?

I scooped up these two cards of Wade Boggs from the 1992 Score set – and they’re getting dropped into plastic sleeves and then top-loaders pronto!!

Here they are:

The card on the left os Boggs’ base card from the set, and it features one of the most highly photographed swings from the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Boggs’ left-handed swing was picture perfect!

The card on the right is Wade’s All-Star card from the set and it features a fun, artistic caricature.  This kind of art was all the rage in baseball back in the day.  I fondly remember having a few t-shirts that featured images like this one.  And if I recall correctly, the guys I had were Wade Boggs, Mike Greenwell, and of course Andre Dawson!!

It’s Hard Being A Marlins Fan – Logan Morrison Sent Back To The Minors…

It’s Hard Being A Marlins Fan – Logan Morrison Sent Back To The Minors…

MIAMI (AP)—Logan Morrison(notes) was stunned. He was headed back to the minors.

The Florida Marlins sent Morrison to Triple-A New Orleans and released veteran infielder Wes Helms(notes) after Saturday night’s 3-0 loss to the San Francisco Giants.

“Heartbroken, man, disappointed,” Morrison said. “I play through injury and this is how you get treated. It doesn’t seem very fair to me.”

Morrison went 0 for 3 with a walk Saturday night but had two hits in each of his previous two games. The 23-year-old outfielder is batting .249 with 17 homers and 60 RBIs on the year.

Morrison, who tied Texas’ Nelson Cruz(notes) for the major league lead with 26 RBIs in July, said his demotion was attributed to his batting average. But Morrison, one of the team’s most outspoken players, believes there are other reasons.

“I don’t know if that makes any sense to me or you guys,” Morrison said. “I asked for an explanation and the one I got was, ‘You are hitting. 240.’

“I think it was something else. I don’t even want to say it right now. I am just going to talk with my agent.”

Following the resignation of manager Edwin Rodriguez in June, Morrison was reprimanded by the team for comments he posted on his Twitter account.

Morrison said he feels “resentment” and “anger” over the decision.

He said Saturday he was called into a meeting with president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and general manager Mike Hill. Neither was available to comment after the game.

The Marlins will announce the corresponding roster moves for Morrison and Helms before Sunday’s game.

1971 Headline: Bob Gibson No-Hits The Pirates!!!

1971 Headline: Bob Gibson No-Hits The Pirates!!!

On this day in 1971, Bob Gibson was masterful as he and his Cardinals teammates battled the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

Defeating the team by himself, Gibson did what everyone knew that his talents could offer.  Allowing no hits to a very talented Pirates squad, Gibson made major league history.  He went the distance in the contest while facing 28 batters.  His impressive numbers from this outing include:  10 strikeouts, 3 walks, 0 runs, and 0 hits allowed!!!

And ‘Hoot’ helped himself at the plate too.  Going 1-for-4, Gibson drove in three runs to help pad the team’s lead.  The Cardinals ended up winning the contest 11-0.

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Mr. Gibson!!!