Frank Thomas 1995 Fleer Ultra ‘Hitting Machine’

Frank Thomas 1995 Fleer Ultra ‘Hitting Machine’

Sadly, Frank Thomas will probably never go down in the record books as being one of the best hitters of his generation.  There were far too many .340+ seasons when Thomas played for him to be lumped into that category of hitter.

But, as a slugger, Frank Thomas was an incredible hitter!!!

He never reached 3,000 hits.  He never recorded 200 hits in a season.  But here is what he did do:

  1. 10 seasons with a .300 average or better
  2. 1997 batting title with .347 batting average
  3. career batting average of .301
  4. career on-base percentage of .419 – and he was a clean-up hitter!!!
  5. six seasons of at least a .450 on-base percentage
  6. led American League in on-base percentage in four seasons
  7. led American League in walks in four seasons

So, is Frank Thomas a hitter or a slugger?

Either way you vote, one this is for sure – Fleer got it right in 1995 – Frank Thomas is a ‘Hitting Machine’!!!

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