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The First Image From The 2012 Topps Baseball Card Set Has Been Released!!!

The First Image From The 2012 Topps Baseball Card Set Has Been Released!!!

The title says it all.

And here it is:

So, what do you think???

**hat tip to ‘The Cardboard Connection’ for sharing the photos with everyone.  Thank you!!!

Dave Winfield 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’

Dave Winfield 2001 Upper Deck ‘Legends Of New York’

So, not only was Upper Deck a ground-breaking company when it came to baseball card design, but they were pretty good at creating themes for baseball card subsets too.

This one here is the latest example that I can show off to you:

Issued in part of their ‘Legends of New York’ set, this card features Dave Winfield from his playing days with the Bronx Bombers.

I like the theme of the card very much – but there is so much more that Upper Deck could have done with the ‘Legends of New York’ theme.

Thought – PASS

Result – FAIR

Dennis Eckersley 1990 Upper Deck

Dennis Eckersley 1990 Upper Deck

Two Words – Picture Perfect!!!

A fantastic job by Upper Deck on this one.  Easily on of the most crisp and clean cards I have discovered in the last few months.


Did You Know…

The position of third base has the fewest number of big leaguers in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Hosting just 10 third basemen, the position ranks six notches behind that of catcher that can claim 16.

Happy Birthday Bobby Richardson!!!

Happy Birthday Bobby Richardson!!!

Bobby Richardson turns 76 years old today.

The MVP of the 1960 World Series, Richardson’s role in that championship match-up of his Yankees and the Pittsburgh Pirates was vital.  In that 7-game series, Richardson hit .367 as he collected 11 hits in 30 at-bats.  He also scored 8 runs, hit a homer, and drove in 12.  Stuff that legends are made of, right there!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Richardson.

3/4 Through – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2011 Major League Baseball Season

3/4 Through – Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2011 Major League Baseball Season

We’re at the 3/4 mark of the 2011 baseball season, so it is time for an update as to how some of the milestones that stood to be reached are faring so far.  I will keep the original post in tact, and just provide a quick update on each below.

All 3/4 season updates will be in Blue.  Enjoy.

I had a great time doing this prior to the start of the 2010 baseball season, so I thought I would give it another go as we prepare for the start of this upcoming one too.

And away we go….

Derek Jeter needs 74 hits to reach the magical number of 3,000 for his career.

30 hits to go until Jeter hits 3,000.

As we all know, Derek Jeter collected #3,000 this past weekend while going 5-for-5 in a Yankee’s win.  Jeter became the 28th member of the ‘3,000 Hits Club’, the second to collect #3,000 as a home run, and the first Yankee!!!  Congratulations Derek!!!

Jeter now has 3,045 hits.  By the end of the season he should be sitting in 20th place on the All-time list.

Jim Thome needs 11 home runs to join the 600 HR club.

9 dingers away – Thome has homered just twice in 20 games.

5 more still needed – We’ll see…

Jim Thome smashed number 600 just earlier this week.  He has been coming on strong as of late.  Now we need to see if he can challenge the guys ahead of him.  Next up is #609 and Sammy Sosa.  Go get him Jim!!

Mariano Rivera needs 41 saves to become just the second pitcher to reach 600.

Mo has already collected 13 saves this season; he sits 28 saves away from 600.

Rivera has 22 saves so far this year and is just 18 away from 600.  He’s on his way!

Mo is 9 saves away from 600.  He should be there in the coming weeks.  And Trevo Hoffman’s 601 as the all-time mark is easily gettable as well.

If Ichiro collects 200 or more hits, he has 11 200-hit seasons on his resume – a MLB record!!!

Through 43 games, Ichiro has 53 hits.  He is well on his way…

Ichiro has 101 hits through 90 games – It will be an amazing accomplishment if he can do it.  We’ll have to wait and see.

With 134 hits in 121 games, it is very unlikely that Ichiro gets to 200 this year.  155 is more likely…

If Dan Uggla can amass 30 or more home runs with the Braves, he will continue his record-setting as the game’s greatest slugging second baseman.

Uggla has 7 home runs through 46 games; he needs to pick up the pace if he wants to hit 30.

Uggla has 15 home runs through 92 games so far this year.  If he goes on a power trip he still has a chance but the streak is in jeopardy.  25 would still be impressive, but 30 would be unreal!!

Nobody is hotter than Dan Uggla right now.  After a 33-game hit streak, Uggla is sitting at 27 home runs.  And with almost 40 games still left to play, one has to wonder if his hot hitting can get him to the 40-HR mark for the first time.  We’ll see…

Mark Teixeira needs just 25 blasts to reach number 300 of his career.

15 homers away from 300 – looking good!!

With 25 round-trippers to far this year, Mark Teixeira sits at 300 for his career.  And at just 31 years old the sky is the limit for this slugger.  I see at least another 18-20 coming during the second half.

Tex is still crushing balls out of parks all across the country.  He currently has 32 home runs on the season and 307 for his career.  #400 could come as soon as 2013!!

Can Albert Pujols hit 30+ home runs and drive in 100+ RBI for the 11th straight season and build on baseball history?

With 7 and 25 through 45 games, the streak looks like it is in serious jeopardy.  If anyone can turn it on quickly, it is Pujols.

In 78 games, Albert Pujols has 18 home runs and 50 RBI.  Coming off a major injury, nobody knows how Albert will rebound.  He still has a shot at 30/100 but the odds may be stacked against him.  I’d love to see him give it a run though!!

Nobody can do what this guy does.  Albert is already at 30 home runs, but has just 76 RBI.  All he needs is one superb homestand and he will be back on pace to collect 100 RBI for the 11th straight year.

Adam Dunn needs 46 home runs to reach 400.  Can his new home in Chicago become his latest launching pad?

Just 4 home runs in 2011, the 400-mark will not be met this year.  But we’ll keep watching.  🙂

With just 9 dingers on the year, the chase for 400 will not be realized this year.  And now the 1-time certain ‘500-HR Club’ member is more a question than a certainty.

Adam Dunn is done.  With just 11 round-trippers so far this year, he is still 35 away from 400.  Not gonna happen.

Alex Rodriguez is preparing to hit 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI for the 14th consecutive season and 15th overall.  Can he do it again???

A-Rod has just 8 and 24.  He has almost missed this mark a few times, and he always seems to deliver at the end.  Will 2011 follow suit?

This goal is in serious jeopardy.  The second half of the season starts on Thursday, but A-Rod may be out until late-August.  With 13 & 52 – season number 15 is not going to happen.  Sorry Alex.

A-Rod is coming back from being on the disabled list – and we are still nto sure when he will become a regular in the Yankees’ line-up.  Resting at 13/52, A-Rod is having the least productive season of his big league career.  I would love to see a reboud in 2012!!!

So there you have it – These are some of the baseball milestones that I will be tracking as the 2011 season gets under way.

Next update will come during the All-Star break…  Stay tuned.

Next update will come in late August.  Stay tuned and Thanks for reading!!!

Next update to come at the conclusion of the 2011 baseball season.  Thanks for reading.

What are you going to be watching for this year??

The Cleveland Indians Show What Teamwork Is All About!!!

The Cleveland Indians Show What Teamwork Is All About!!!

CHICAGO (AP)—When Indians third baseman Jack Hannahan needed a lift, his teammates stepped up in a big way.

Hannahan’s wife went into labor this month while the team was in Boston. The journeyman ballplayer was desperate to get back to Cleveland, but the next available flight wasn’t until the next morning.

The Indians then pitched in to secure a private plane that got Hannahan home in time for the birth of his first child, John Jack Hannahan V.

“He needed to be there,” pitcher Justin Masterson said before Wednesday night’s game at the Chicago White Sox. “It’s a team game. You have to help each other out on the field and off the field.

“It wasn’t one guy. Every single person threw in to help out. It’s pretty impressive.”

Hannahan’s wife had a difficult pregnancy. She was confined to bed rest after 24 weeks, so Hannahan spent his nights at the hospital after home games. John Jack Hannahan V weighed two pounds, 12 ounces when he was born at 3:11 a.m. on August 5.

“He’s a little miracle,” said Hannahan, who added that John is doing great and will remain in the hospital for another two months.

The Indians tried to keep the kind gesture quiet, but news trickled out in the past couple days, and Hannahan delivered a public thank you before Wednesday’s game.

“It just tells you about this team that we have,” Hannahan said. “That the guys would do that for me I think speaks volumes about the character of our team.

“I’ve played on four different big league teams and that just doesn’t happen on any team. It takes a great group of guys to do that.”