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My 1987 Topps ‘Turn Back The Clock’ Subset Is Complete!!!

My 1987 Topps ‘Turn Back The Clock’ Subset Is Complete!!!

Scratch another one off the list, my ‘Turn Back The Clock’ set from the 1987 Topps issue is complete!!!  YES!!

Consisting of just 5 cards, the set features legends of the game and highlights some amazing accomplishments that occurred during the 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, and 1982 baseball seasons.

Putting together this subset was a blast – Take a look at the end result:

Good Stuff!!

What’s next?  Stay Tuned…

Brooks Robinson 2002 Topps ‘1970 Super Teams’

Brooks Robinson 2002 Topps ‘1970 Super Teams’

When I think about the ‘Super Teams’ of the 1970s, I think Cincinnati Reds, Oakland A’s, New York Yankees, and Los Angelese Dodgers.  Listed in no particulare order, I would think that these four squads defined the decade of 1970’s baseball.

But, we should not forget what the Orioles accomplished in the 1970’s…

Four appearances in the American League Championship Series and one trip and victory in the World Series is nothing to sneeze at!!

The 1970 Baltimore Orioles – A Super Team??  INDEED!!!

Happy Anniversary Nolan Ryan!!!

Happy Anniversary Nolan Ryan!!!

On this day in 1989 Nolan Ryan recorded the 5,000th strikeout of his professional baseball career.

During a game in Arlington Stadium in front of 42,000+ fans, Nolan Ryan became the first player to ever eclipse the 5,000 strikeout mark.  And to do this in front of his home fans in the state he grew up in was especially monumental!!

In the top of the 5th inning with his team trailing 1-0, Ryan struck out All-star Rickey Henderson to capture #5,000!

Amazingly Ryan struck out 13 batters in this game.  And although his team lost 2-0, this was Ryan’s night.  Oh, and he was 42 years old at the time and still dominant as ever!!

Happy Anniversary Nolan Ryan!!!

Happy Birthday Paul Molitor!!!

Happy Birthday Paul Molitor!!!

Paul Molitor turns 54 years old today.

Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2004, Paul Molitor had a brilliant 21-year career.  Never getting the opportunity to showcase his talents in front of a consistently large crowd, Molitor spent most of his career as an unheralded superstar.

With 3,316 career hits and a lifetime batting average of .306 Paul Molitor is one of the greatest hitters of the last 40 years.  For a player that was not classified as a ‘power hitter’ Molitor quietly bashed 234 home runs.  And while also never being classified as a ‘speedster’, Paul also accumulated 504 stolen bases.  This multi-dimensional player was a 7-time All-star, and he won 4 Silver Slugger awards as well.  Molitor finished in the Top 20 for the MVP award 9 times over the course of his career where his highest finish was coming in at 2nd place in 1993.

Happy Birthday Mr. Molitor!!!

Happy Birthday Carl Yastzemski!!

Happy Birthday Carl Yastzemski!!

‘Yaz’ turns 72 years old today!!

Best known as ‘Yaz’, Carl Yastrzemski personified what being a consistent leader was all about.  ‘Yaz’ spent every minute of his 23-season long career in a Boston Red Sox jersey.

Along with the droves of fans he established during his career, ‘Yaz’ put up some amazing numbers too.

The stats : 3,419 hits, 452 home runs, 1,844 RBI, 1,816 runs scored, 168 stolen bases, and a career batting average of .285.  In Yaz’s 23-year career, he finished in the Top 20 for the MVP award 12 times, while earning the award in 1967 with his .326/44/121 performance.

Happy Birthday ‘Yaz’!!!

Mike Stanton Belts His 30th Home Run Of The Season!!!

Mike Stanton Belts His 30th Home Run Of The Season!!!

During Sunday afternoons 4-3 loss to the San Diego Padres, Mike Stanton hit a home run that ultimately meant little to the outcome of the game.

But, as a Marlins’ fan who still tries to find reasons to watch the team play while they are playing for nothing, I enjoy watching Stanton hit – especially when he makes contact!!!

Home Run #30 is in the books.  Let’s see what else the kid can do…

Not too shabby for a guy that is just 21 years old…

Atta Boy Mike!!!