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Frank Robinson 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites!!! AWESOME!!!!

Frank Robinson 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites!!!  AWESOME!!!!

Before I get too carried away, let me  show this card to you.

Here you go:

A re-print of Robinson’s 1959 Topps All-star card, this is one of the reasons that I love Topps’ Fan Favorites issues.

If it was not for Topps re-issuing this card to collectors in 2004, I would most likely have never seen it,

But now that I have, and I own it, I am THRILLED!!!!

A fantastic addition to my collection honoring Hall of Famer, Mr. Frank Robinson.

Dwight Gooden 1994 Topps GOLD

Dwight Gooden 1994 Topps GOLD

Hey look at ‘Doc’.  From afar he looks like Darryl Strawberry out on the base paths – NOT!!!

As soon as I saw this card, I had to check Doc’s stats from the base paths….

And the result of that research?  2 career steal attempts with 1 success.  Better than I thought!!!  🙂

Did You Know…

Oakland A’s starting pitcher won both the first and last games of the 1973 World Series.  Starting three games during that championship match-up, Holztman was on the winning end on two of the three games he started.

1998 Headline: “Welcome To The 400/400 Club, Barry Bonds”

1998 Headline:  “Welcome To The 400/400 Club, Barry Bonds”

On this day in 1998, Barry Bonds stole the 400th base of his major league career!!  And in the process, he became the first and only member of the “400/400 club”.

There was no question prior, but this moment in baseball history solidified Bonds as one of the greatest offensive weapons that the sport has ever seen.  A dynamic player at the plate and on the base paths, Bonds was able to take over game and win with his amazing array of baseball talents!

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, Mr. Bonds!!

Happy Anniversary Dennis Eckersley!!!

Happy Anniversary Dennis Eckersley!!!

On this day in 1992, Dennis Eckersley recorded his 40th save of the 1992 baseball season.

And while there was nothing extra-special about this particular game or the circumstance of the save, ‘Eck’ made history with this closing appearance.  This save gave Eckersley 40 or more saves in four different seasons – a major league record!!

The first player to ever accomplish this feat, ‘Eck’ tallied 45 saves in 1988, 48 in 1990, 43 in 1991, and 52 in 1992.  And with 33 saves during the 1989 season, Eckersley capped that 5-year span with 221 total saves.

Truly dominant and a great competitor.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Eckersley!!!