Cal Ripken Jr. Won The Silver Slugger Award ’8′ Times!!!

Cal Ripken Jr. Won The Silver Slugger Award ‘8’ Times!!!

As a player that never won a batting title or put together a string of 200+ hits seasons year after year, Cal Ripken remained at the top of his game for most of his 21 years in the majors. 

And of all of the stats and awards that he amassed during that time, the most impressive accolade that Cal may have achieved would be his 8 Silver Slugger awards.

At the end of each season, a player at each defensive position from each league is honored with the award.  It goes to the best hitter – and Cal was put into that position for 8 of his 21 season – good for a 38% clip!!

When you ask a fan of the game who the best hitters of the ’80s are you will get responses like Gwynn and Boggs and Mattingly and Molitor.  Ripken deserves to be mentioned in that conversation too!!!


2 responses to “Cal Ripken Jr. Won The Silver Slugger Award ’8′ Times!!!

  1. Not sure I can call him one of the greats. I would say an average hitter with power. It just happened that he didn’t have much in the way of competition at his position. He was a great shortstop and a trend setter for the next generation, but after spending a childhood of watching him ground into double plays I wouldn’t put him up there with Boggs as far as hitting.

    • Justin- Thank for your comment. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying. As a hitter, Ripken was not in the class of Boggs, Gwynn or even molitor. But as a shortstop from the 1980s and into the 1990s he was the best and most consistent amongst his peers.

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