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The 900th Unique Andre Dawson Baseball Card For My Collection!!! Oh, Yeah!!!

The 900th Unique Andre Dawson Baseball Card For My Collection!!!  Oh, Yeah!!!

Andre Dawson 1988 Star – Platinum Edition!!!

Finally, and early too, I may add.

One of my collecting goals going into 2011 was to reach the 900-card mark for my Dawson collection.

And well, I am a few months pre-mature.

Here is card #900:

Obviously this is a momentous occasion for me.  I never thought three years ago that I would be able to take my Dawson collection to this level.

But I am thrilled that I have.  And you know what comes next….


Johnny Bench 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Johnny Bench 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Oh man, Topps did it this time.

Sheer and utter B-E-A-U-T-Y!!!!

‘Nuff Said!!!

Wade Boggs 1992 Donruss – Base & All-Star

Wade Boggs 1992 Donruss – Base & All-Star

Another 2-for-1 special for you.  This time courtesy of Donruss and their 1992 issue.

The player – Wade Boggs

The cards – Too Sweet!!

Here I have the base card and the All-Star card.

And I have to say that Donruss did a nice job of mixing up the action when providing two cards of one player in their set.

And I have to admit that as much as I enjoy a card that features Boggs and his classic swing, nothing beats a shot of him fielding ‘the hot corner’.

Did You Know…

The everyday player with the biggest decline in batting average from one year to the next was Norm Cash.  In 1961, Cash hit .361 but in ’62 he hit just .243 – a decline of 118 points.


Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

Happy Birthday Ted Williams!!

Today is Ted Williams’ birthday.

Arguably the greatest hitter of all-time, any player that collects multiple batting titles or maintains an average close to .350 for a lengthy time is compared to Williams.

Williams is the standard for hitting greatness – yet nobody has come close to eclipsing what he has done in the sport of baseball.  A lifetime, .344 hitter, Williams captured six batting titles during his playing days, and amazing had seven seasons in which he finished with a .350 batting average or better.

Williams was a 17-time All-Star, and a 2-time MVP winner for the Boston Red Sox.

And while he did not make a splash during World Series play, Ted Williams was the rare kind of player that was able to take center-stage while not playing on it.

Happy Birthday to ‘The Splendid Splinter’!!