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Bulking Up!!!

Bulking Up!!!

As a player collector that is obsessed with always adding new cards to my collection, I can’t help but wonder how my Andre Dawson collection stacks up to others that collect cards of ‘The Hawk’.

While my portfolio now consists of more than 900 unique cards, it also contains roughly 2,500 total cards honoring Andre.

Lately on Ebay I have been seeing more and more bulk player lots being listed.  I don’t know if more collectors are getting out of the game or if more 30-year olds are moving on with their lives and dumping old childhood memories that they have been lugging around.

Either way, I saw a few Dawson lots listed recently and I pounced on a few of them.

Here is a look at my score:

In total, I brought home 385 new cards for my collection.  Let me be careful with how I throw around the word ‘New’.  New as in newly mine, new not as in unique additions to my collection.

That is why this post is called ‘Bulking Up’.  I’d been meaning to add some heft to my collection of Andre Dawson cards and I think that I have taken another step towards accomplishing that task.

But I do have one more piece of news – Of the 385 cards added to my ‘PC’ – there is indeed a ‘New’ one.  And this time, ‘New’ means just that – a card I did not have before!!!

I’ll show that one off to you in the coming weeks!!!

Thanks for reading.

Lou Brock 2001 Upper Deck ‘UD Decade’ – 1970’s

Lou Brock 2001 Upper Deck ‘UD Decade’ – 1970’s

I am really digging this series of card issued by Upper Deck in 2001.

From the Dawsons to the Murrays to the Palmers – I like them all!!

And now you can officially add Lou Brock to that list as well.

Here is the card of Brock that I recently picked up:

Pretty nice, huh?

I am digging the Yellow, White, and Orange border on this card.  If Upper Deck used those colors for the cards of the Orioles I think that they would look fantastic!!

Take a peek in the background – Imagine being able to watch the action from Spring Training from the comforts of your condo!!  🙂

Dwight Gooden 1988 Score

Dwight Gooden 1988 Score

What a fantastic looking baseball card!!

Perfect action, and you really get the feeling that ‘Doc’ is hurling one right at you…

And as much as I like this one, I have to say that if the border was Met’s Blue or Orange it would be that much better!

Still, a great addition to my collection that honors Dwight Gooden.


My First Time – Tony LaRussa – May 10, 1963

My First Time – Tony LaRussa – May 10, 1963

The setting – Metropolitan Stadium.  Kansas City, MO.

From LaRussa – ‘As an 18-year old bonus baby, I got up but it took a while for me to get in.  I made it in as a pinch runner, and then the next day as a pinch hitter.  My parents were vacationing in Kansas City that week and they got to see me play in my first big league games.’

The Boxscore – Twins 2, A’s 0.  LaRussa appeared as a pinch runner.


Happy Anniversary Tom Seaver!!

Happy Anniversary Tom Seaver!!

On this day in 1975, Tom Seaver became the first pitcher in major league history to collect 200 or more strikeouts in eight consecutive seasons.

Showing off the remarkable ability to be a consistent and healthy performer, Seaver’s ability to dominate batters was unmatched during this time.

Here is a closer look at the numbers from those eight seasons:
1968 – 205
1969 – 208
1970 – 283
1971 – 289
1972 – 249
1973 – 251
1974 – 201
1975 – 243

And just for good measure, Seaver collected 235 hitters in 1976 extending the record to nine straight seasons!

How did he do in 1977?  196!!!

Happy Anniversary to ‘Tom Terrific’!!!

Chipper Jones Connects For Career Home Run #450

Chipper Jones Connects For Career Home Run #450

ATLANTA — Chipper Jones may be a seasoned 39 years old, but he seems to have regained some of his youth at the plate over the course of the past several days.

The veteran third baseman tallied his 450th career home run on Wednesday night at Turner Field, taking Nationals starter John Lannan deep to center field in the second inning to give the Braves a one-run lead during an eventual 3-1 victory.

“Hopefully we’ll see a few more fly out before the season’s over,” Jones said.

Jones is now 34th on the all-time home run list and needs just two more to tie Carl Yastrzemski. He’s 12 behind Jose Canseco and 15 behind Dave Winfield.

“My grandfather will be crushed when I pass [Yastrzemski],” Jones said. “Huge Red Sox fan. When I was growing up, anytime the Red Sox were on TV, he was all over Yaz. He loved him.”

The seven-time All-Star, who earlier this month announced that he would return to the Braves in 2012, is hitting .364 (12-for-33) with four homers and five RBIs in his past nine games.

“I got my legs under me now and I feel that I can get the bat started and be able to use my legs to get the bat where it needs to be, as opposed to just trying to use all upper body,” he said.