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Andre Dawson Signed Montreal Expos Mini Helmet!!!

Andre Dawson Signed Montreal Expos Mini Helmet!!!

Finally, it has arrived and it looks fantastic.

But that’s enough chit-chat, let;s show off the latest, and one of the greatest additions to ny Andre Dawson memorabilia collection…

Awesome, huh?

Yeah, I agree.  100%

The helmet looks fantastic, the autograph is sweet as usual, and I am very happy to have this piece as a part of my Dawson collection!!!!

Joe Morgan 1972 Topps Traded – First Cincinnati Reds Card!!!

Joe Morgan 1972 Topps Traded – First Cincinnati Reds Card!!!

By all accounts, this was the hardest card for me to capture of Joe Morgan.

The 1972 Topps set issued a ‘high numbers’ kind of set, later known as the ‘Traded’ sets that we enjoyed during the mid-1980’s.

What these high-numbered, and short-printed cards allowed the company to do was issue cards of players on new teams as well as players that debuted after the ‘base’ set was printed.

So, what this all means is that this is the first major brand release of Joe Morgan in a Cincinnati Reds uniform.

And while the card is missing the team name in the top banner area, as you find on the ‘base’ set, here we finally see Joe decked out in his White and Red, Reds uniform.

I am so thrilled to finally own this card.  I shopped for a very long time for this one – and I finally found a great one in very good/excellent condition that fit my budget!!!


Andre Dawson 1990 Bowman – Tiffany!

Andre Dawson 1990 Bowman – Tiffany!

Another shiny one for the collection.

This ‘Tiffany’ issue is from the 1990 Bowman baseball card set.  And let me tell you, when laid next to the standard issue from the same Bowman set, the glossy finish is night and day.

While the regular issue is nice, Bowman did not exactly do a whole lot with the finish of their cards.  But this ‘Tiffany’ version – Man, it sure does shine!!!

Dennis Eckersley 1985 Donruss – WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE???

Dennis Eckersley 1985 Donruss – WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE???

I think I need to get a new one of these – what the hell is all of that stuff on the card???

Do I cross this one off of my needs list – or go after a replacement???  Help me!!

Happy Anniversary ‘Hard Hittin, Mark Whiten’!!!

Happy Anniversary ‘Hard Hittin, Mark Whiten’!!!

On this day back in 1993, Mark Whiten of the St. Louis Cardinals smashed 4 home runs in 1 game!!!

On the road versus the Cincinnati Reds, Whiten had the game of his life as his Cardinals squeaked out a 14-13 victory in front of 31,000+ fans at Riverfront Stadium.

For the game, Whiten went 4-for-5 with 4 homers and collected 12 RBI.  The 12 RBI tied a major league record for the number of runs driven in by a single player during a 9-inning game.

Whiten played for 9 teams during his 11 years professional baseball career.  And in that time, he played in front of the sport’s largest crowds and it’s smallest too.  But when it comes to selecting the finest game of his career, there is not one other game that comes close.  Whiten’s performance on September 7, 1993 will go down as one of the greatest displays of power hitting in a single game that the baseball world has ever seen.

Happy Anniversary to ‘Hard Hitten, Mark Whiten’!!!


NHL Legend Eric Lindros Added To The Fergie Jenkins SIgning Event In Late September

NHL Legend Eric Lindros Added To The Fergie Jenkins SIgning Event In Late September

The Fergie Jenkins Foundation has just added NHL legend Eric Lindros to their already impressive line-up for this month’s signing.

Here are the details:

Eric Lindros: Cards – $20, Pucks/Flats – $25, Jerseys/Sticks – $50

Amd just in case you missed it, here are the details for the former MLB’ers:

Jenkins Foundation, Inc. September Event Mail Order

22nd, Niagara Falls, ON

Please Mail Items & Payment (Checks
payable to the The Fergie Jenkins Foundation) to:

Fergie Jenkins Foundation

PO Box 664

Lewiston, NY 14092

*Please include SASE for return shipping

Ferguson Jenkins
Cubs, Hall of Fame 1991
1971 NL Cy
Cards – $20
– $25
– $50
Dave Stewart
Oakland A’s, Toronto Blue Jays
89’ WS MVP, 89’ & 93’ WS
Cards – $20
Balls/Flats – $25
Bats/Jerseys – $50
Jesse Barfield
Toronto Blue Jays, NY Yankees
1986 MLB HR Champ, AL GG, AL
Cards – $10
Balls/Flats – $20
Bats/Jerseys – $40
Willie Wilson
Kansas City Royals
85’ WS Champ, 80’ GG & SS
Cards – $10
Balls/Flats – $20
Bats/Jerseys – $40
Duane Ward
Toronto Blue Jays
92’ & 93 WS Champ, 93’ AS
Cards – $10
Balls/Flats – $20
Bats/Jerseys – $40
Kelly Gruber
Toronto Blue
1992 WS
Champ, 1990 AS, GG, SS
Cards – $10
Balls/Flats –
– $40
Tony Fernandez
Toronto Blue
93’ WS Champ,
5xAS, 4xGG
Cards – $20
Balls/Flats –
– $50
Mike Timlin
Toronto Blue
Jays, Boston Red Sox
4x WS Champ,
92’, 93’, 04’, 07’
Cards – $10
– $20
– $40
Meadowlark Lemon
Hall of Fame 2003
Cards – $20
(all sizes) – $40
– $75
Bobby Bell
Kansas City
Pro Football
Hall of Fame 1983
Cards – $20
Flats – $25
– $50
Pierre Pilote
Chicago Blackhawks
Hockey Hall of Fame 1975
Cards – $20
Pucks/Flats – $25
Jerseys/Sticks – $50
Johnny Rodgers
College Football Hall of Fame
1972 Heisman Trophy Winner
Cards – $15
Flats – $20
Mini’s/Footballs/Jerseys –