’30-YOC’ Top Ten List – ‘Top Ten Kevin Bacon Films’

’30-YOC’ Top Ten List – ‘Top Ten Kevin Bacon Films’

I make no bones about it, I am a big Kevin Bacon fan.  And while his films are not near the box office draws that attract $100 million dollar paying audiences, I rarely encounter a person that doesn’t have a favorite Kevin Bacon film.

He is a superb character actor, and he plays one hell of a bad guy too.  Of all of the actors in Hollywood, he is of a rare kind, in my eyes at least, as when I see him perform on screen I am never thinking about another role he has portrayed.  That fact can be said of very few actors. and that is why I find him to be elite.

Enough about my love for the guy, let’s get right down to my favorites films in which he has starred.

Honorable Mention – Friday 13th, Diner, Quicksilver, White Water Summer, Flatliners, A Few Good Men, The River Wild, and Trapped.

10 – Hollow Man

9 – Sleepers

8 – Apollo 13

7 – The Woodsman

6 – Footloose

5 – Taking Chance

4 – Death Sentence

3 – Mystic River

2 – Animal House

1 – Stir Of Echoes

And there it is!

I really struggled with having ‘Taking Chance’ at 5 – it could easily be in my Top 2.  If you have never seen it, I highly recommend that you take the time to watch it.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll have another baseball list for you next Sunday night!

2 responses to “’30-YOC’ Top Ten List – ‘Top Ten Kevin Bacon Films’

  1. These may not be his film but he was great in a few good men,

  2. Tremors, The Air Up There & my favorite – The (Original 1980) Friday The 13TH!

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