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Roy Campanella 2011 Topps Kimball Champions Mini

Roy Campanella 2011 Topps Kimball Champions Mini

I enjoy the tradition of the Dodgers, but I wouldn’t really classify myself as a fan of the franchise.  I do however, enjoy learning about their history, especially the time that they called Brooklyn home.

The fact that the three greatest franchises from the 1950’s all called New York home amazes me.  At the same time, I understand why expansion across the country was a good thing.

Neat the center of the greatness that was the Brooklyn Dodgers was Campanella.  A 10-year Brooklyn Dodger, Campanella held down the catcher role for the team while scooping up three MVP awards and eight All-Star roster selections.

Here is the card from the Kimball set:

I have to say that the card is pretty cool.  But I cannot recall ever seeing a catcher soar through the air quite like this…  🙂


Bo Jackson 1991 Topps

Bo Jackson 1991 Topps

Here comes Bo!!!  And if I was the third baseman of the opposing team, I would look out!!!

This guy was known for knocking football’s greatest defenders on their butts time after time.

Imagine the kind of damage he could do without pads or obstruction…

No Thanks!!!

Did You Know…

Hall of Famer Tony Lazzeri was the first player in major league history to hit two Grand Slams in the same game.  On May 24, 1936, Lazzeri drove in 11 runs in a single contest – eight of them coming on two swings of the bat!!

1998 Headline: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

1998 Headline: Ripken’s Streak Ends At 2,632 Games

On this day in 1998, Cal Ripken voluntarily sat out his first baseball game in more than 16 seasons.

Baseball’s ‘Iron Man’ thought that it was time for a break, albeit just one game.

Cal’s streak will go down as one baseball’s most grand accomplishments.  His class on and off the field accompanied by a very large baseball skill set makes him one of the greatest ambassadors that the sport will ever encounter.

Always gracious, always smiling, always a favorite – Thank You Cal!!!

Happy Anniversary Ernie Banks!!!

Happy Anniversary Ernie Banks!!!

On this day in 1953, Ernie Banks hit the first home run of his career as a professional baseball player.

Nobody knew what was in store for Banks’ future, but ‘Mr. Cub’ certainly left a lasting impression on the city of Chicago and the sport of baseball.

Home Run #1 was just the start.  The start of 512 career home runs.  The start of 11 All-star appearances.  The start of 1 Gold Glove award.  And the start of 2 Most Valuable Player awards.  Home Run #1 started it all…

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Mr. Ernie Banks!!!


Contest Time – ‘Home Run Derby’

Contest Time – ‘Home Run Derby’

We’ve all see the ‘Home Run Derby’ before, but trust me this is not like ESPN’s version.

It is however the theme for this contest.

So, here is the deal – There are 15 major league baseball games being played on Friday, September 23rd.  To win this contest, simply predict any one player that you think will hit a home run.  If your player connects for a round-tripper, you win!!

So, act quickly and grab your slugger now.  Once his name has been selected from the pool, he cannot be chosen again.

Here is a peek at the games for Friday night’s schedule; study them closely and submit your pick into the comments section of his post.

And if there is more than one winner, and I have to assume that there will be, you each win.

What’s up for grabs this time around???

How about some Game-Used relic cards featuring some of the greatest sluggers in baseball history??

Take a peek at the possible prizes:

Go ahead, make your picks now.  I’ll see you Friday night!!!