Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this one…

I think that this could classify as the greatest addition to my autograph collection from 2011.  And we still have more than three months left in the year…

Cal Ripken signs one or two times a year through the Dugout Zone in Maryland.  I missed the last signing, due to my being lazy, so when this summer’s signing was announced, I pounced.

And now, the ball is home.

The ball looks fantastic.

Take a look:

I feel like a kid right now.  Enjoy.


3 responses to “Cal

  1. Very nice addition to the autograph collection!

  2. During these signings, do you have to be physically present or are there options for mail-ins? If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of donation does Cal ask for? I sent him a TTM request a few years back and received a very nice letter from his foundation stating that he “would love to but can’t respond to everybody….”

    Great looking piece. Congratulations!

    • Ryan- This was a scheduled signing he did in Baltimore. The same place held one for Brooks Robinson a few months ago that I mailed in a ball for so I am now on their mailing list. Let me know if you want more details… Brian

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