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Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!! I’m Ready To Go!!!

Baseball Card Show This Weekend!!!  I’m Ready To Go!!!

Yessir, it is that time.  One of my favorite times of the month, as a matter of fact.

The Dania Beach baseball card show is tomorrow, and I will be there.  It has been a very long time since I have attended the Dania show, but between the cancellation of the show in Coral Springs and the failure of last month’s Sportacular show, I am willing to give it another try.

So, I will be headed to Dania in the morning, and I have several goals for the show:

  1. Topps Lineage cards of Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins
  2. Inspiration for some new subsets
  3. GU relic cards of Hall of Famers
  4. Cards to help me complete a few player collections I am building
  5. Cards for a few bloggers that I need to re-pay for their donations to ’30-YOC

So, stay tuned to ’30-YOC’ on Monday, as I will have a full card show report to offer up.  And sticking with my customs, I will also show off every purchase I made at the show too.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Joe Morgan ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1971 Topps

Joe Morgan ‘Fab Five’ – Card #1 – 1971 Topps

Now that my Joe Morgan collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #1 – 1971 Topps

Ok, now this one is a beauty!!!

Let’s get right to it – if you frequent this blog often, and I hope that you do, you know that the 1971 Topps design is a ’30-YOC’ favorite.  I love the basic design, and the Black borders (when mint) look fantastic.

You also know that I am a sucker for action photography on my baseball cards.  And for 1971, this image offers up a sweet, and very unique, angle from which the photo was snapped.

Come see:

What a great card.  And definitely a nice way to finish off showing off my ‘Fab 5’ cards from my Joe Morgan completed collection.

Thanks for reading.

Ozzie Smith 1981 Donruss

Ozzie Smith 1981 Donruss

1981 was Ozzie last full season in San Diego as a member of the Padres baseball club.

In the strike-shortened season of 1981, Ozzie led the National League in plate appearances and official at-bats with 507 and 450 respectively.

Due to the volume of his appearances at the plate, Ozzie was able to become an All-Star for the first time in his career.  And even though the stats from that season (100 hits, 53 runs scored, 22 stolen bases) look un-All-Star-esque, it is because his team only played in 110 contests that year.

Here is the card:

After the 1981 baseball season, Ozzie was shipped off to St. Louis, where he would spend the next 15 baseball seasons becoming one of the greatest defensive infielders of all-time.

Did You Know…

Among the members of the 3,000 hits club, Eddie Collins has the fewest home runs.  Hall of Famer Eddie Collins, collected 3,315 hits throughout his big league career.  Just 47 of those hits were home runs.

Happy Anniversary George Brett!!!

Happy Anniversary George Brett!!!

On this day in 1992, George Brett collected hit number 3,000 of his amazing baseball career!!!

On the road playing the Angels, Brett’s Kansas City Royals teammates were playing in front of 17,000+ fans.  If the baseball fans in the Los Angeles area knew that history was going to be made on this day, I would have to imagine that more people would have been in attendance.

For the day, Brett put on quite a display of hitting excellence.  Going 4-for-5, he hit 1 double and 3 singles.

George Brett finished his Hall of Fame career with 3,154 hits and ranks as 15th in baseball history for career hits. 

Happy Anniversary Mr. Brett!!!

’30-Year Old Cardboard’ Official 2011 Baseball Playoff Prediction!!!

’30-Year Old Cardboard’ Official 2011 Baseball Playoff Prediction!!!

I don’t make my living as a better of sports.  But that does not stop me from wanting to predict the baseball playoffs.

And if the games are as awesome as Wednesday’s action, we are all in for a treat.

So, with the help of a few tools on my PC, here is my prediction for the 2011 MLB playoffs:

The two teams in my World Series prediction – The Texas Rangers and The Philadelphia Phillies.

As for the winner….

I am going to go with….

My track record for predicting champions is not strong.  Still, I find it fun!!

So, who are you taking??  Let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Jose Reyes Is A Douche. And A Batting Champion…

Jose Reyes Is A Douche.  And A Batting Champion…

Look, I am a loyal Florida Marlins fan (one of very few).  With being a Marlins fan, there is a certain distaste that you have for the New York Mets.  I think that I do a pretty good job of keeping my emotions and my sensibility in check, but Jose Reyes reminds me of everything that is wrong with baseball.

Congratulations Jose, you are a batting champion.  And you won the award during a contract season – coincidence?  I think not…

While I fully understand and acknowledge that it takes an enormous amount of skill to compile a .337 batting average, the way in which he secured his batting title simply turns my stomach.

Enjoy the award Jose – most likely it is your last.  Or at least your last until the final season of your next contract…

Ted Williams must be rolling over in his grave…