Jose Reyes Is A Douche. And A Batting Champion…

Jose Reyes Is A Douche.  And A Batting Champion…

Look, I am a loyal Florida Marlins fan (one of very few).  With being a Marlins fan, there is a certain distaste that you have for the New York Mets.  I think that I do a pretty good job of keeping my emotions and my sensibility in check, but Jose Reyes reminds me of everything that is wrong with baseball.

Congratulations Jose, you are a batting champion.  And you won the award during a contract season – coincidence?  I think not…

While I fully understand and acknowledge that it takes an enormous amount of skill to compile a .337 batting average, the way in which he secured his batting title simply turns my stomach.

Enjoy the award Jose – most likely it is your last.  Or at least your last until the final season of your next contract…

Ted Williams must be rolling over in his grave…

4 responses to “Jose Reyes Is A Douche. And A Batting Champion…

  1. So how do you like the new MIAMI Marlins logo?

  2. Haha… Well said! There’s been speculation that the Tigers would consider moving Peralta to third and pursue said “douche”… I pray that it ends at speculation.

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