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Reggie Jackson 2010 Topps ‘Tales Of The Game’ 2-Card Set!!!

Reggie Jackson 2010 Topps ‘Tales Of The Game’ 2-Card Set!!!

Reggie was featured in the 2010 Topps ‘Tales Of The Game’ set twice – and rightfully so.

Jackson was a 5-time World Series Champion, winning three times with Oakland and two times with New York.

These are the  cards that celebrate his title runs with the A’s and Yankees:

And while I personally don’t find this set to be very attention-getting as it relates to design, I do like to see Reggie’s time with the A’s getting the attention it deserves.  We all know Reggie as ‘Mr. October’ for what he did during the 1977 World Series, but prior to that he helped the A’s win three straight titles from 1972-74.

Good stuff!!

Tony Perez 2011 Topps Lineage

Tony Perez 2011 Topps Lineage

I am loving the Topps Lineage set.  It’s crisp and clean design looks great, and I have yet to find one that I don’t find really appealing!!

So, what did I do?

Well, I bought a bunch of singles from www.sportlots.com for just eighteen cents a piece – quite a steal if you ask me!!

In total, I picked up 13 singles – all featuring the guys that I like to collect.

Here is Tony Perez’s card from the set:

Looks nice, huh?

I agree.  The colors are vivid and the Red really looks fantastic in both the frame around the pic and then the little accents of Perez’s uniform.

Great card!!!

Ron Cey 2001 Topps Archives

Ron Cey 2001 Topps Archives

I cannot get enough of these ‘Archives’.  It is a shame that the set was so short-lived.

This time around I grabbed a Ron Cey card – and it features the 1972 Topps design that was on his rookie baseball card.

Cey is one of very few players that I know of that actually has two rookie cards, issued in two consecutive seasons, by the same company.

Cey’s first card was issued in 1972, but he had another rookie card issued in 1973.  The ’73 is by far the more popular and collected card, but that may be due to the fact that he shares space with a certain Hall of Famer named Michael Jack Schmidt!!

Have a look at this beauty that shows off the ’72 design:

Wade Boggs 1992 Topps Stadium Club “Members Only”

Wade Boggs 1992 Topps Stadium Club “Members Only”

A very cool addition to the 1992 Topps Stadium Club base set was the ‘Members Only’ subset.

And while I cannot recall exactly how you gained entrance to ‘The Club’, from I see of the checklist, it includes baseball royalty from that era.

And that has to include one of the game’s best hitters – Mr. Wade Boggs!!

Check out this sweet card:

It could easily be argued that Boggs’ lefty swing is the one that should be used to teach kids.  I could not argue with that, not at all!!!

1989 Topps Turn Back The Clock – Card #4 – Gil Hodges & The 1969 Baseball Season

1989 Topps Turn Back The Clock – Card #4 – Gil Hodges & The 1969 Baseball Season

“Twenty Years Ago”

This card is card #4 from the 1989 Topps ‘Turn Back The Clock Set’.  The card features Gil Hodges’ 1969 Topps baseball card on the front and recalls some of the greatest highlights from the ’69 season on the back.

A few of my favorites from that year:

  • Willie McCovey’s 2 home runs in the All-Star game
  • The Chicago Cubs’ potential for a miracle season
  • Tom Seaver’s amazing season in which he won 78% of his starts