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Lou Brock & Fergie Jenkins 2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber – Dual Game Used Jersey Card

Lou Brock & Fergie Jenkins 2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber – Dual Game Used Jersey Card

If a picture is worth a million words, I say this one could equate to 1.5 million – easily…

Featuring two of my favorite players from the 1960s and 1970s, this card is an instant favorite in the ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ collection.

I have the base card, but there is something about the addition of two pieces of Game-Used jersey – 1 from Lou Brock and 1 from Fergie Jenkins.

Simply awesome!!!

Take a look:

The card is serial numbered as 71/100.  I wonder if the remaining 99 owners are as happy as I am to be an owner…

Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage 2001 Topps Archives – Pop Quiz Time!!!

Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage 2001 Topps Archives – Pop Quiz Time!!!

When I think of Goose Gossage, my mind does not usually go ‘Texas Rangers’.   A player with 22 major league seasons under his belt, Goose only played for the Rangers during one season – 1991.

So, since there are no major achievements accomplished by Goose while with the Rangers, I thought we could introduce another ‘Pop Quiz’ here at ’30-YOC’

Here is the card:

OK, now tell me what Gossage is doing in this picture:

  1. having a long-toss session with Kenny Rogers
  2. warming up his arm for the t-shirt toss
  3. practicing his knuckleball
  4. wondering what in the world he is doing in Arlington, Texas

What do you think??

Reggie Jackson 2003 Topps Tribute – First All-Star Season – 1969

Reggie Jackson 2003 Topps Tribute – First All-Star Season – 1969

The Topps Tribute set did a great job of honoring some of the legends of the game by celebrating the player’s first All-star game appearance.

Overall, Reggie Jackson was a 14-time All-Star.  His first selection came in 1969, when Reggie was just 23 years old.

The card does a great job celebrating that honor – and I love the photo chosen to depict Reggie from the 1969 baseball season.  A true representation of him getting comfortable in his surroundings, the picture of Reggie represents California and the era very well – Afro hairstyle, full beard, and prescription lenses!!!

Atta Boy Reggie!!!

Tony Gwynn 1991 Bowman

Tony Gwynn 1991 Bowman

And the photographer says, ‘OK Tony, just stand there and pretend like I am not even here.  Put yourself at the plate and prepare yourself for a swing.’


Happy Anniversary Paul Molitor!!!

Happy Anniversary Paul Molitor!!!

On this day in 1982, Paul Molitor collected the first 5-hit game in World Series history!!!

In Game 1, and on the road in St. Louis, Molitor did everything possible to help put his Brewers in the best position to win.

His box score looking something like this – 6 at bats, 5 hits, 2 RBI, 1 run scored.  And most importantly, the Brewers won the game 10-0.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Molitor!!!