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Reggie Jackson 2004 Donruss Classics – Legendary Jerseys

Reggie Jackson 2004 Donruss Classics – Legendary Jerseys

It’s not often that you find a modern card that stars Reggie Jackson in which he is not wearing the uniform of either the Oakland A’s or New York Yankees.

So, when I saw this card, with Reggie sporting his Angels uniform, I had to grab it.

Take a look:

Very cool, huh??

Yeah, I am digging it too…  In fact, I really like that Donruss went ‘outside the box’ with this one.  And while nobody would argue that Reggie built his legendary status while with the A’s and Yankees, I am happy to see his time with the California Angels get some recognition too.


Dennis Martinez 2001 Topps Archives

Dennis Martinez 2001 Topps Archives

I have to admit something to you…  I never knew that Dennis, or Denny, Martinez was a member of the Baltimore Orioles.

When I think of ‘El Presidente’ I think Montreal Expos.  After that, maybe Cleveland Indians and St. Louis Cardinals (as a coach).

So, when I first saw this card of ‘Denny’, I was intrigued.  And after a quick web check, a bit embarrassed too…

Martinez spent 23 seasons in the major leagues – with 11 of them in Baltimore.

How did I miss this???

Bo Jackson 1989 Topps Team Leaders

Bo Jackson 1989 Topps Team Leaders

Bo Jackson was hardly the team leader of the Kansas City Royals.  That title was appointed to George Brett, and rightfully so.

But, Bo Jackson was as big of a draw both at the ballpark and at the baseball card store so it makes a lot of sense for Topps to tag Bo with this label so they can add another card of him to their set.

Brilliant Topps, simply brilliant!!

‘My First Time’ – Pedro Martinez – September 22, 1992

‘My First Time’ – Pedro Martinez – September 22, 1992

The setting – Dodger Stadium.  Los Angeles, CA.

From Martinez – ‘Thirty games out of first place and it took them 13 games to put me in.  I wish I had a good memory of my big league debut but I don’t.  I hated the whole experience.  Hated the Dodgers for how they treated me.  They screwed with me, but I got the last laugh, huh?’

The boxscore – Reds 8, Dodgers 4.  Pedro pitches two innings of relief allowing 2 hits while walking 1 and striking out 1.


Happy Birthday Eddie Matthews!!!

Happy Birthday Eddie Matthews!!!

Eddie Matthews had a solid 17-year professional baseball career.  And while his individual achievements and team success were on par with the biggest stars of his era, it was his quiet approach to the game that kept him out of the limelight.  Playing alongside Hank Aaron for most of his career kept the spotlight off of him as well…

Still, Matthews was quite the slugger, and he put up very impressive numbers.  Clubbing 512 home runs during his career, Matthews hit 25 or more home runs in 11 consecutive seasons, and 12 in total.  A run-producer, Eddie knocked in 100 runs five times while also scoring 100 or more runs 8 times.

Matthews was a 9-time All-Star and perennial candidate for the MVP award.  He was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1978.

He helped lead his 1957 Braves and 1968 Tigers teams to World Series championships.

Happy Birthday Eddie Matthews!!!

Where Was Ozzie???

Where Was Ozzie???

For those of you who missed the opening ceremonies prior to the start of the Cardinals and Brewers game on Wednesday night, the Cardinals brought four of its legendary players to the field to get the St. Louis fans amped up for the game.

And by legends, I mean Hall of Fame caliber talents.  On the field were Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Red Schoendienst, and Lou Brock.

As a lover of the history of this great game, it was a thrill for me to see these four guys together.  So, I just imagine that this really got the city of St. Louis pumped up!!!

So, now my question is – ‘Where Was Ozzie’???

Odd that he wasn’t there, right?  Ozzie is easily the most popular player from this team from the last thirty years.  His resume is unreal, and he still has a very strong presence in the city in which he played for 15 years.

What gives???

Theo Epstein Is A Courageous Fellow…

Theo Epstein Is A Courageous Fellow…

By accepting the GM position with the Chicago Cubs, Theo Epstein is taking on a world of stress that only he has felt before.  He did some wonderful things while with the Red Sox, and now he takes on the only job left in baseball that can match, and more than likely exceed, what he has been through prior.

Good Luck Theo.  I wish you well!