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Is This Don Mattingly Autograph Real????

Is This Don Mattingly Autograph Real????

Last week I received a TTM return from Don Mattingly.  I’m guessing that he was just getting to his mail since the baseball season had concluded.  I sent the card to him way back in February, 2010 – 19 months ago!!

And while I normally would have jumped for joy at the thought of receiving an autograph of ‘Donnie Baseball’ for my collection, I was actually more in shock.

I am very skeptical that this signed card was actually signed by Mattingly.

Take a look:

OK, at first I was worried so I jumped on the Internet to get a little more info.  After reviewing some of the autograph collecting websites that I frequent, I had seen a few more Mattingly TTM returns happen during the week.  That made me feel better, maybe he was just getting to all of his mail now.  It’s possible, right?

The problem is that none of the other successful TTM returns had pictures so I had nothing to compare mine to.

The only thing I could do was turn to Ebay.  And on Ebay, these are what Mattingly’s certified autograph cards look like:

And knowing that I should not really compare a TTM return to a certified autographed card, I found some other Mattingly autos that were not certified.

Here they are:

Now, I know not to trust every Ebay seller out there – and I have heard all of the stats saying that more than 70% of signed sports memorabilia on the web is fake.

But still, these are three very different looking Mattingly signatures.  And again, none of them look like the one I just got.

Look at my card again.

You see how there are virtually no similarities…  I know and understand that a plyer signing for free versus signing for a fee may have different approaches to the autograph.  But to have nothing in common?  Shortened version, I get it.  Less attention to the placement of the auto, I can handle that too…  BUT MY CARD LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ANY OF THESE!!!

So, I now leave it to you – my loyal ’30-YOC’ readers.  I know that many of you collect autographs, collect Yankees, and collect Mattingly.

Give me your thoughts.  Has this Don Mattingly baseball card really been signed by Mr. Mattingly or have I been duped??

Reggie Jackson 2005 Topps Turkey

Reggie Jackson 2005 Topps Turkey

A sucker for modern cards of Reggie where he is wearing the uniform of the Angels and Orioles, I had to have this one!!!

Here is the card: 

Doesn’t it look like Reggie is on a golf course in this portrait?

I have read and learned a lot about Reggie over the last few years – golf was not one of his interests.  Classic cars?  Yes.  Real Estate?  Yes.  Owning a ballclub?  Yes.

Golf?  Not so much…

Fergie Jenkins 1994 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball

Fergie Jenkins 1994 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball

Kind of a fun one here…

Upper Deck had been experimenting with the ‘Baseball Heroes’ sets and inserts for some time prior to their 2008 full set release.

This card was issued in 1994 and features my favorite pitcher of all-time, Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins.

And while the design is not that spectacular, I do like how UD offered us an image of Fergie from his playing days and then one from later in his career.

Kind of like the 1983 Topps ‘Super Veteran’ set (a 30-YOC favorite).  But not really…

Wade Boggs 1984 Donruss Diamond Kings

Wade Boggs 1984 Donruss Diamond Kings

It is not very often that a second-year player earns the right to get a ‘Dimond King’.  But Wade Boggs is definitely not your average player…

Lacking star power, Boggs became an instant hit with the Boston Red Sox, and the baseball world too.

Did he deserve to be tabbed as a ‘Diamond King’ after playing just one full major league season?

You be the judge.  Here are his numbers from 1983 – .361 batting average (batting champion), 210 hits, 44 doubles, 74 RBI, and an on-base percentage of 44%.

Diamond King?  You Betcha!!!

1989 Topps Turn Back The Clock – Card #5 – Tony Oliva & The 1964 Baseball Season

1989 Topps Turn Back The Clock – Card #5 – Tony Oliva & The 1964 Baseball Season

“Twenty-Five Years Ago”

This card is card #5 from the 1989 Topps ‘Turn Back The Clock Set’.  The card features Tony Oliva’s’ 1964 Topps baseball card on the front and recalls some of the greatest highlights from the ’64 season on the back.

A few of my favorites from that year:

  • Jim Bunning’s perfect game
  • Richie Allen collecting more than 200 hits and winning the ROY
  • Tony Oliva collecting more than 200 hits and winning the ROY