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Reggie Jackson 2005 SP Legendary Lineage Game-Used Jersey Card

Reggie Jackson 2005 SP Legendary Lineage Game-Used Jersey Card

The Legendary Lineage set issued by Upper Deck SP in 2005 is one of my favorites.  Of all of the sets featuring Game-Used jersey relics that I would come across, this set is in my ‘Top 5’.  As a matter of fact, I have gone so far as to look into what it would take to build the entire set.

And while I am not prepared to make that kind of commitment at this time, I still wanted the card of Reggie Jackson from the set.

And finally, after a long week of waiting, it has arrived.

Check it out:

Awesome, huh?

Such great design elements on this one.  Between the Gold accents, sketch of a ball park, and the filigree – this card is a beauty!!

And just in case you were wondering, it is serial numbered too.  This one is 38/75!!

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Have I told you before how much I love the Topps Fan-Favorites sets?  Yes, I believe that I have.  Maybe at nauseum..

But what’s not to like.  Baseball cards issued today of the stars of our past – it is a genius idea and one that I am very thankful that the card companies have not abandoned.

Check out my latest find:

Awesome, huh??  It’s a replica of the 1967 Topps set – with an updated look, image, and quality!!

Love It!!!!

Steve Carlton 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

Steve Carlton 2006 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

Steve Carlton spent 24 seasons in the big leagues.  And as most of you know, he is identified primarily as a Philadelphia Phillie.  He spent 15 seasons with the Phillies, won 4 Cy Young Awards as a Phillie, and he went into the Hall of Fame as a Phillie.

Carlton did spend his first 7 years in St. Louis as a member of the Cardinals.  During that time, he compiled a 77-62 record and was a 3-time All-Star.  Carlton had his first taste of postseason experience with the Cardinals as he made the playoffs twice, ultimately winning his first World Series with the Cards in 1967.

That is why I love baseball cards like this one:

Show me a new picture.  Give me more history.  Show me a time we may not remember.

Thank you, Fleer!!

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Bowman – ‘Glamour Shots’

Dennis Eckersley 1989 Bowman – ‘Glamour Shots’

Rumor has it that Dennis Eckersley walked into ‘Glamour Shots’ in the mall and said ‘Make me look beautiful’.

And it worked!!!

LMAO!!!  I hate cards like these, but I still love ‘Eck’.  I just never knew why a baseball card company would publish something like this.  I am guessing, but I would say that most baseball card collectors are male, and most of us don’t need this kind of card in our collection.

But as collectors, and fans of Eckersley, what are we gonna do???

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!

Ichiro turns 38 years old today!!

Arguably the best hitter of the decade, Ichiro Suzuki has proven to be an extremely talented contact hitter, maybe one of the best ever.

In 11 professional seasons in major league baseball, Ichiro has collected 2,400+ hits.  In ten of eleven years, he has accumulated 200 or more hits in each of those seasons.

For his birthday, I wish Ichiro perfect health.  And I want that health to hold until he gets into the 3,000 hits club.  Based on his average he will need just 3 more years to accomplish that task.  And while that means he will be 41 years old when that time comes, I do believe that he is conditioned to reach that mark with relative ease!!

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!