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1989 Topps Turn Back The Clock Subset – COMPLETE!!!

1989 Topps Turn Back The Clock Subset – COMPLETE!!!

After just 5 weeks, this set is now complete.  And I have to say that while small in size, just five cards, it was fun going back in time with Topps.

From Dwight Gooden to Lou Brock to Hank Aaron to Gil Hodges to Tony Oliva, it was all good.

And the cards are great to look at!!

Here is a picture of the complete set:

Not a bad $1.00 invbestment if you ask me.

Now on to the next set…

Stay tuned.  And thanks for reading!!!

Reggie Jackson 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Reggie Jackson 2007 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

This card is very nice, but so dark.  Too dark, in fact.

Between the dark Red background behind the picture of Reggie and the overall dark border of the card’s design, I don’t find this card too appealing.

And as for the photo, it’s a shot from Reggie’s second go-around with the A’s.  I like the action, I would just prefer to see more of it!!

Take a look:

Wade Boggs 2011 Topps – 60 Years Of Topps

Wade Boggs 2011 Topps – 60 Years Of Topps

Is that Wade Boggs’ 1992 Topps baseball card?  Nah, it is from the 2011 Topps ’60 Years Of Topps’ set.

And it looks great!

And by great, I mean a great photo.  Just look at Boggs’ eyes.  You can tell he just connected for a long drive.  And while he is pumping his arms and taking off towards first base, I am thinking that he is already wondering if he can stretch the hit into a triple.

Have a look:

Dwight Gooden 1993 Bowman

Dwight Gooden 1993 Bowman

While this baseball card is just average at best, I do like one little thing that jumped out at me!

Check out Doc’s jersey number.  64.  Yes, 64!! 

As we all know, Gooden sported #16 for the Mets during the duration of his time with the Mets.  So, what this means is that this photo was taken during Spring Training, and Gooden obviously wore #64.  At least one time…

The funny part for me is that a jersey number that high is usually reserved for a rookie, not a veteran that had already been an established as a full-time MLB’er.  But when you zoom in, it is clear that this picture is not from Doc’s rookie season…  

Kind of cool.  A nice way to spice up an otherwise fair baseball card!!

Happy Anniversary Greg Maddux!!

Happy Anniversary Greg Maddux!!

On this day in 1994, Greg Maddux won his third straight Cy Young award.  He was the first pitcher in major league history to earn the award in three consecutive seasons.

Being one of the best pitchers in the sport over that length of time is a major accomplishment.  And when some of your greatest competition is coming from your teammates, I am sure that the pride of being the ‘Ace’ of the staff gave Maddux even more gratification.

Here is a look at Maddux’s numbers from those three seasons:

1992 – 20-11, 2.18 ERA, 9 complete games, All-Star, Gold Glove  

1993 – 20-10, 2.36 ERA, 10 complete games, Gold Glove

1994 – 16-6, 1.56 ERA, 10 complete games, All-Star, Gold Glove

Oh, and it should be noted that Maddux went on to win the Cy Young award in 1995 too – setting an all-time record with four consecutive wins!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Maddux!!!