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An Unreal ‘Mail Day’ Courtesy Of Hall Of Famer Andre Dawson!!!

An Unreal ‘Mail Day’ Courtesy Of Hall Of Famer Andre Dawson!!!

I am a very happy collector tonight.

When I arrived home from work , I had a nice sized package waiting for me at my front door.  And since I recognized that it was my handwriting on the address label, I knew what was inside.

The contents are unreal, and I am very excited to show off the goods.

The first item in the box was my Florida Marlins mini helmet.  And it was signed perfectly, and just as requested!!

Here is the helmet:

The second, and final, item in the box was just a little more special.  And it marks the 8th signed baseball for my Dawson collection.

Here is the ball:

Again, signed perfectly and just as requested!!

I am thrilled to add these two great pieces to my Andre Dawson collection.  I cannot wait to see what I come up with next.

Thanks for reading.  And ‘THANK YOU ANDRE’!!!!!

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck – UD Decade 1970s

Reggie Jackson 2001 Upper Deck – UD Decade 1970s

I like the card.

I like the theme.

I love the vintage picture of Reggie.

But, man oh man, there is an awful lot of Yellow and Green on this baseball card.

Have a peek:

See what I mean?

Yeah, I have a nice little stack of cards from this set.  And while I like them all, this one stands out.  Just a little too bright and bold for this collector…


Ozzie Smith 1993 Topps Gold

Ozzie Smith 1993 Topps Gold

While I prefer my Ozzie Smith cards contain a photo of him either running the base paths or making a defensive play in the field, it is hard to not like the image used on his 1993 Topps card.

Topps Gold, that is!!

Great job by the photographer to capture this.  Excellent choice by Topps to publish it!!!

Did You Know….

The first player to suit up for four different teams in World Series action is Lonnie Smith.  Smith played for three World Series championship clubs – Phillies (1980), Cardinals (1982), and the Royals (1985).  He also played for the Braves in 1991 and 1992.

Happy Anniversary Edgar Renteria!!!

Happy Anniversary Edgar Renteria!!!

On this day in 1997 Edgar Rentaria’s single in the bottom of the 11th inning in Game 7 of the World Series was the game winning hit that delivered the Florida Marlins their first ever World Series title!!!

Another boyhood dream was realized when under the ultimate amount of pressure Edgar shined and both he, the team, and the fans of the Florida Marlins reaped the benefits.

I was at Game 1 of this World Series and the atmosphere was incredible.  I could only imagine how much more intense it was on this night when the championship was finally won. 

Happy Anniversary Edgar!!!

Happy Anniversary Steve Carlton!!!

Happy Anniversary Steve Carlton!!!

On this day in 1982, Steve Carlton was awarded with the NL Cy Young Award.

This win, the fourth for Carlton, marked the first time in major league history that a pitcher was honored as the Cy Young winner in four different seasons.

And when looking at his numbers, it is now wonder that Carlton was the pitcher to make this kind of history.

Check the stats:

1972 – 27-10, 1.97 ERA, 30 complete games, 8 shutouts, 310 strikeouts, 3.56:1 K:walk ratio, All-Star, NL Triple Crown

1977 – 23-10, 2.64 ERA, 17 complete games, 2 shutouts, 198 strikeouts, 2.22:1 K;Walk ratio, All-Star

1980 – 24-9, 2.34 ERA, 13 complete games, 3 shutouts, 286 strikeouts, 3.16:1 K:walk ratio, All-Star, World Series title

1982 – 23-11, 3.10 ERA, 19 complete games, 6 shutouts, 286 strikeouts, 3.33:1 K:walk ratio, All-Star

Pretty awesome stuff right there, huh?

Happy Anniversary Mr. Carlton!!!