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Andre Dawson 2011 Tri-Star Obak – Green – #d To 25!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Tri-Star Obak – Green – #d To 25!!!

I’ve been busy trying to scoop up as many 2011 cards of Andre Dawson as I can.  ANd with the immense schedule that Topps maintains, I am getting a bit behind.

I did score this very nice, and limited issue, from the 2011 Tri-Star Obak set.

This card is the Green version, and it is serial numbered as 24/25.


Frank Robinson 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen

Frank Robinson 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen

I like collecting modern baseball cards of Frank Robinson.  He is one of my favorite offensive players of all-time, so anytime I can pick up a card featuring him, I usually take the bait and go for it.

I bought this card blind – sight unseen.

Was it a mistake?

While I like the Gypsy Queen design, I just don’t care for the card too much.  Robinson looks to be in pain during this swing.  Very unappealing if you ask me…

Reggie Jackson 2000 Topps “Golden Moments”

Reggie Jackson 2000 Topps “Golden Moments”

Topps has captured one of Reggie’s greatest highlights on this card from their 2000 set tagged as ‘Golden Moments’.

The photo, from the 1977 World Series, where Reggie hit four home runs on four pitches, made Reggie an even bigger star that he was prior.  He was officially given the nickname of ‘Mr. October’ due to his performance in the 1977 World Series, and he instantly became a national phenomenon!!!

Congrats Reggie!!!

Bo Jackson 1989 Donruss

Bo Jackson 1989 Donruss

It’s a shame that this photo was so closely cropped when finalized.  I’d love to see more of the action as Bo Jackson appears to be squaring around for a bunt.

Show me the full player.  Show me the catcher.  And show me the ball if you can too…

My First Time – Paul Molitor – April 7, 1978

My First Time – Paul Molitor – April 7, 1978

The Setting – County Stadium.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From Molitor – ‘My debut was pushed back 24 hours due to a rain delay.  That is a long time to wait when you’ve been anxiously awaiting your big league debut.  I only made the team when Yount got hurt during Spring Training.  I got a single in just my second at-bat.’

The boxscore – Brewers 11, Orioles 3.  Molitor goes 1-for-5 with an RBI from the lead-off spot.

Albert Pujols Shops At Best Buy And Liles Captain America. He is Human Afterall…

Albert Pujols Shops At Best Buy And Liles Captain America.  He is Human Afterall…

From Deadspin.com:

An esteemed sports author noted earlier this year that Albert Pujols wouldn’t make a very interesting profile subject. Think again, kids! The Cards’ first-baseman-cum-best-hitter-alive is a strange, adorable creature.

Other athletes might not venture out before pivotal playoff games, on the days before the opponent could clinch the series. But that’s not Albert. He goes out, to Best Buy, in a sleeveless shirt that looks like it was cut from a vinyl couch cover, and purchases a DVD. And from the looks of that DVD (not a Blu-Ray!), it’s the new Captain America, which came out yesterday. Albert Pujols: the greatest hitter alive AND the only man buying DVDs the day they come out at Best Buy.