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My Andre Dawson Autographed Mini-Helmet Collection

My Andre Dawson Autographed Mini-Helmet Collection

Finally, I have all four.  Another collecting goal conquered!!!

In case you missed it, roughly ten days ago I received a package back from the Andre Dawson Foundation.  The package included another signed baseball to add to my collection of Dawson signed balls as well as a Florida Marlins mini-helmet.  Just in case you missed that post on the blog, you can re-visit it here.

Anyways, that Marlins helmet is my fourth helmet signed by ‘The Hawk’ which also means  that I have one helmet signed by him for each major league team that he played for.

With all of that being said, I wanted to show off the full 4-piece collection.


I hope you like it!!!

Thanks for reading.

Brooks Robinson 1989 Pacific Trading Card – Ultimate Filler Card??

Brooks Robinson 1989 Pacific Trading Card – Ultimate Filler Card??

We all know the deal, you win a single baseball card through an Ebay auction and the seller throws in some ‘filler’ cards.  More likely than not, he is just trying to dump stuff that is not worthy of being sold through an auction.

I get ‘filler’ cards all of the time.

But very few have been as nice as this one:

Pretty cool, huh?  I’d happily take a surprise Brooks Robinson card and quickly add it to my growing collection of cards that feature him!!!

Thank you!!

Eddie Murray 1996 Fleer ‘Golden Memories’ – FAIL!!!!

Eddie Murray 1996 Fleer ‘Golden Memories’ – FAIL!!!!

By now you know that I love collecting baseball cards that feature Mr. Eddie Murray.  One of the most complete offensive players of the 1980’s there was very little that Murray could not do at the plate.

But, when I think of ‘Classic Moments’ and Eddie Murray, all of those thoughts revolve around Eddie and his White, Black, and Orange Baltimore Orioles uniform.

And that is why this card fails…

Sure, I know that Eddie captured hit #3,000 of his career while playing for the Indians.  But 63.9% of his hits came from his time with the O’s – and those are my favorite times to recall ‘Steady Eddie’.

Tony Gwynn 1992 Score

Tony Gwynn 1992 Score

A very nice card that shows Tony Gwynn just milliseconds either before or after contact with a pitch, Score did a nice job in selecting this image for their 1992 set.  My guess is that Gwynn has already made contact with the pitch.

And whether it was by design, or by luck, the placement of the ball on the colored border helps draw your eye right to the action.

Have a look:

Great job by Score on this one!!!

Happy Birthday Fernando Valenzuela!!!

Happy Birthday Fernando Valenzuela!!!

Today is Fernando Valenzuela’s 51st Birthday!!!

So here is a ‘Happy Birthday’ cheer for a man who captivated the sport of baseball and the city of Los Angeles when he debuted as a major league player in 1981.  I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for Fernando and the ‘Fernando-Mania’ that followed as he became a baseball star, there would be fewer Latin players in the sport today.  Of all of the Latin players that have been in the league since 1980, Valenzuela’s impact on the sport and in the Latin sports culture should be recognized as the greatest.

Amazingly enough, Valenzuela still gets out there and competes.  Although not at a major league level anymore, Fernando can still be seen in Mexico and other Latin countries playing the sport he loves.

Happy Birthday Fernando!!!  You are a true inspiration!!!